Music of the Week #192

I’m not sure how to feel


So coincidentally, Bethesda released their teaser-trailer for Fallout 4 this afternoon and if stuck with me, god knows why, for a while, you’d probably understand that I’m a big fan of the Fallout series. However, it’s been 7 years since I’ve played Fallout 3, the first open-world/FPS style entry in the series, and I’ve formed different opinions of the game since then. I still love New Vegas to death however, and I’d actually call it one of the greatest RPG’s of the decade for its story, gameplay choices, and the near ultimate freedom the game lets you approach a situation with. Fallout 3 was made by Bethesda, the new owners of the Fallout franchise after buying it from Black Isles while New Vegas on the other hand was made by Obsidian, with members of Black Isle being its crucial development members. See as how I’m not foaming from the mouth about Fallout 4 finally being announced and how I just differentiated the two studios, you can easily judge my reaction.

I barely had one.

The graphics were somewhat lackluster for me, and I’m not even that big on graphics in general. Even before the teaser-trailer dropped, I saw reports saying that the game would utilize PS3-360 graphics. That alone sullied the coming news for me and to make this news even less exciting, I saw the Washington Memorial, putting the setting back in the DC area (although I hear it’s actually set in Boston). If anything, Bethesda going back to their flawed East Coast setting is what’s really making me sad since we could have far more interesting places to visit in this next-gen craze and shed more light in post-apocalypse America.

So to match this feeling of semi-optimism knowing that Fallout 4 is coming and my dying hopes for the game because Bethesda in charge of it, here’s the theme of Dark Souls’ hubworld, Firelink Shrine. Wayward travelers and ones who were beckoned by fate rest here where they calm themselvesĀ before trekking out again into the bleak, unforgiving world to die and die again.