Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 45- Enter The World

It begins

I don’t even need to add too much “review” like words to this. This part of Part 3 has people that have been waiting for longer than I’ve been alive to see animated. DIO doesn’t disappoint but they did cut off the part where the car runs over a busy street filled with people (with quite literally Waldo being in the accident) but understandably, this is airing on national television.

Enough of that though, get your tickets kiddies, the Last Train Home is now preparing for departure.

Polnareff confronts DIO at the top of the stairs and DIO offers him a chance at redemption and bids him to either take a step forward or back. The two choices respectively signify Polarneff facing his doom or joining DIO’s side once again. DIO revels at what he has realized as the ultimate goal of humans and relays to Polnareff that all humans seek peace of mind. Marriage, work, money, and all the likes factor into this and DIO promises eternal peace of mind beneath him but Polnareff obviously chooses to fight back. As he attempts to ascend the stairs, Polnareff finds himself two steps down and this trickery goes on for a few minutes longer before Polnareff affirms himself and finally reaches the level before DIO. Seeing that Polnareff will not join him, DIO unveils The World and Polnareff charges with Silver Chariot.

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Before the stands clash, the wall next to Polnareff crumbles down and Joseph, Jotaro, and Kakyoin arrive to assist. With the sunlight shining on the floor, DIO retreats deeper into the floor and before the four give chase, Polnareff warns them that he was just under The World’s effects and warns them it has a powerful ability that is just more than immense speed and hypnosis. Jotaro asks what happened to Iggy and Avdol and Polnareff tearfully tells the team of the duo’s fate. While saddened, Kakyoin reminds them that the sun is setting and they will need to confront DIO before night-time if they are to stand a chance. Kakyoin pulls a bag out with Nukesaku inside and orders him to guide them to the topmost room where DIO usually resides during the day. He does so and in the final room lies a coffin with the team readying themselves to strike. Nukesaku is instructed to open the coffin and he declares that he believes in his master’s strength enough to lead them but as soon as the coffin is opened, Nukesaku is found inside the coffin with his throat slashed.

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The team immediately evacuates the room through the single window and land on a nearby rooftop to assess themselves. Joseph thinks that they will certainly lose if DIO is able to freely roam in the night sky but the rest of the crew agree with Polnareff’s resolve to avenge their fallen comrades. Polnareff declares that he will be open to use any underhanded tactic to win but he refuses to retreat and the team decide to go with their confrontational plan. Polnareff leaps down to the streets below and Joseph tries to stop him but Jotaro explains that with Polnareff giving chase to DIO, the rest of them should tag behind a bit to enclose on DIO. Jotaro is still sent to Polnareff’s side and the two wait out DIO to make his move. Kakyoin and Joseph procure a car to draw DIO out and soon enough, DIO is seen atop of his tower and he gives chase. Jotaro and Polnareff look for a vehicle of their own while DIO approaches a fancy car outside of a hotel. Apparently the car belongs to a Senator on vacation and the bodyguard grabs DIO’s shoulder to tell him off. DIO swiftly breaks the guard’s arm and gets inside the car where he forces the Senator to drive, breaking his mind after using The World’s ability to constantly put him back into the car.

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DIO gives chase to Kakyoin and Joseph and eventually, after driving through a pedestrian filled street with blood on the hood, DIO’s car reaches visual range of Kakyoin and Joseph’s vehicle. Kakyoin initiates first with Hierophant Green’s superior range and unleashes a volley of Emerald Splash. DIO physically deflects the Emerald Splash twice and while HG is stunned at the sight, The World moves in and punches HG out of the way. Kakyoin barely makes it out of the encounter alive as The World’s limited range has drastically lowered its power but even so, Kakyoin begins to bleed. Joseph looks behind with a mirror and finds the black car has stopped but Kakyoin notices something flying toward them and it turns out to be the Senator. The vehicle crashes into the side of a building and DIO walks toward the wreckage but finds that Kakyoin and Joseph and gotten themselves to the rooftop.

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