Music of the Week #191

Here we go


I think we have a month proper before Part 3 ends and I’m expecting a Part 4 announcement around that time. It’s been nothing but playing League and UMvC3, especially the latter where I recently entered a small-time tournament with a buddy of mine and we both made it in the Top 5. Surprising though, seeing we beat everyone that wasn’t at least playing like the pros did. I personally lost to a Zero May Cry Team while my friend lost to someone with pro-like tech and combos, but very weak defense and execution. The person who did end up winning was a Morrigan-Doom player so yeah, no surprises there.

Saltiness aside, the season’s end is coming to a close and Oregairu is stepping it up real high in terms of stuff going on. DxD is just a reckless trainwreck that didn’t surprise me but come on, at least attempt a decent fight scene sooner or later.

We finished off Demon’s Souls last week and we’ll be plunging into Dark Souls. To start us off, here’s the track that plays during its opening cinematic where the narrator details how the world was ruled by Dragons and then shaped by the Gods who conquered them.