Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 43&44- Fire and Sand

Bloodshed before the finale

We have one more week until the final arc begins, and it will take the entirety of June to cover. GET HYPE FOR DIO’S WORLD Y’ALL

With Avdol’s immediate death shaking Polnareff and Iggy, the maneuver around the room avoiding Cream’s void-sphere. Their attempts in fighting back are made meaningless when everything that the sphere touches is erased completely. The duo retreat to the door but instead of escaping, they ascend the stairs up a floor. The duo prepare their Stands to react to Vanilla Ice’s attacks but the anxiety increases as the battlefield goes silent. Vanilla Ice makes the first move and appears from below Polnareff and he is able to take a few of Polnareff’s toes. The duo’s attempts to counterattack are futile once more and Polnareff takes a few more injuries to his legs. The duo resort to utilizing The Fool’s sand ability to try and trick Vanilla Ice with a fake image of DIO. Vanilla Ice’s fanaticism however proves useful as he recognized the fake as the real DIO would not enter a room filled with sunlight. Enraged, Vanilla Ice targets Iggy and the near-crippled Polnareff is forced to watch Iggy get kicked repeatedly. Polnareff gets in range to counterattack but Vanilla Ice retreats back into his Stand’s void and Polnareff uses the amount of sand Iggy utilized to create a sandstorm-like environment. Using this, he is able to track the all-consuming void-ball of Cream’s ability and as Vanilla Ice prepares to attack, Polnareff is able to stab him through the mouth. Observing at how not even Vanilla Ice knew where his stand’s power had destroyed, he would constantly poke his head out to make sure of his location.

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Vanilla Ice survives the attack and responds with an attack of his own, nearly killing Polnareff. Vanilla Ice then takes a defensive stance and retreats into his Stand to bombard the room with attacks. Polnareff, unable to move, finds out that Vanilla Ice is moving in circles to eventually hit him as the spiral pattern got smaller. Polnareff uses Chariot to try to move himself out of the circle but his sustained injuries decreased Silver Chariot’s strength. Polnareff thinks to himself that maybe he will be able to get a few more attacks in but the encroaching ball of death makes him realize that with his mobility crippled and with Iggy near death, he will at least try to buy Iggy some time before he is consumed by the void as well. With Cream’s void rolling its way to Polnareff, the latter says goodbye to Iggy.

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This would not be Polnareff’s death to mourn as Iggy, subconsciously used The Fool to carry Polnareff to safety. With the last ounce of his vigor used, Iggy passes away and the The Fool returns to lifeless sand. Polnareff then strikes at the surprised Vanilla Ice and stabs Chariot’s sword through his skull and twists it, breaking his neck. Insulting himself over Iggy’s pride that saved Polnareff instead of the other way around, Polnareff anticipates Vanilla Ice’s attacks and concludes that DIO must have done something to make him immortal. Countering all of Vanilla Ice’s enraged attacks, Polnareff breaks open the doors to let sunlight coat the room, disintegrating Vanilla Ice’s arm. Goading and using his pride against him, Polnareff bids Vanila Ice to attack him and he uses Chariot to push him over to the sunlight. Vanilla Ice fully disintegrates and as Polnareff painfully revels in victory, he sees the souls of Avdol and Iggy saying their last goodbyes. Mustering himself out of his slump, Polnareff heads toward the stairs to confront DIO.

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Halfway across the world, we join Suzi Q in Japan being driven to her daughter’s home. She stops by a food shop to take in the local bite and gets herself into trouble with a thug. The butler, Rosas, kicks the thug away and bids her to re-enter the car to resume their visit. Rosas and the other guard however have trouble in attempting to break the news that Holly is close to death. Suzi Q breaks the silence and assures Rosas that she was aware of the situation for a long time now and informs him that the only thing they can do for her daughter is to believe in Joesph, Jotaro, and their friends to deal with the problem.

On the other end of the mansion, we have the other trio working their way up the mansion and encountering Nukesaku, an unremarkable vampire whose backside resembles that of a woman. The trio easily see through his trick and makes him guide them up the stairs to DIO’s room.

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