Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 42- NO NO NO

Sho Hayami’s voice got put on Vanilla Ice while Jouji Nakata has Pucci.

I’m sort of angry I guess, Sho Hayami did something divine (no pun intended) with Pucci’s line delivery in ASB and while Jouji Nakata isn’t bad, I just really liked ASB. Oh well

Picking up from last time, we join the game between D’arby and Jotaro where we had Jotaro cut the episode when he declared his pitch. D’arby reveals to us that his Atum can partially read the mind of others but only is limited to Yes or No questions. D’arby confirms that Jotaro is telling the truth and he prepares to hit the declared strike. However, in the end of the throw, Jotaro’s ball changes directions and D’arby misses his swing. D’arby is aghast and tries again and again to pierce Jotaro’s mind but the latter announces his next pitch and D’arby is dazzled at how Jotaro’s soul is keeping true to its word while the throws are changing mid flight. D’arby gets suspicious but even he knows that Jotaro is not cheating and soon loses his cool, admitting defeat in his soul when Kakyoin is returned.

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D’arby demands to know an answer and finds that Jotaro was indeed telling the truth, while Joseph was the one using Hermit Purple to control the character on the screen. The two goad D’arby that his older, who he looked down upon, would have figured out this trick and blames him for not being as shrewd as his elder. D’arby is then quickly defeated by Jotaro and when he is sent flying through the ceiling, it seems that the crew is still within the mansion and they head out the door.

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Outside, Avdol decides not to burn down the mansion and venture inside along with Polnareff and Iggy. Before they enter, Avdol states that no matter what, they must not hesitate to leave each other behind lest they are attacked. The three agree to watch themselves and enter the mansion, only to find a sprawling maze inside. We switch scenes to DIO’s chambers where his most loyal servant, Vanilla Ice listens to DIO speak about how his body is one bloody body away from fully healing his wounds. Without hesitating, Vanilla Ice cleaves his head above a jar and lets his blood flow. DIO is amused by the gesture and revives Vanilla Ice with his own blood, saying that he has proven his worth and he will find another spare body to feed blood off of.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- RIP Avdol

Avdol calls out his Magician’s Red to use a special ability where a 6-pronged flame sprite directs them through the maze. Avdol explains that the fire will sense lifeforms and pretty much anything around them so they won’t be blindsided. The flame picks up a signal and Iggy catches scent of an enemy hiding in a pillar and in a single swipe, the illusion Stand user is defeated and maze dissipates. However, Avdol finds small writings on the walls that predict his death as soon as he turns his head. Sure enough, Avdol spots a demonic looking Stand behind him and he quickly pushes Iggy and Polnareff out of the way while his entire body minus his arms are swallowed by the Stand.

Sad thing to note, if you haven’t looked closely enough in the Ending, you can see Avdol looking for good restaurants in the train portion of the Ending.

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