Music of the Week #188


Here we go


Jojo has its first 3 parter and Vanilla Ice’s name is already copyright-changed, no big surprises here since his name happens to be a more blatant/modern reference. Anyway, I vaguely remember Vanilla Ice’s fight being intertwined with DIO’s so DIO is nearly here and I pray to god that Part 4 gets green-lit.

Dark Crusade’s playthroughs come to an end as I mostly just wanted to pimp out all the commanders in wargear while having a bitching Honor Guard crew. My desire to play Soulstorm is substantially gone since I don’t need to play the Imperial Guard campaign in it anymore while I still want to play more Dark Eldar. Oh well, back to New Vegas.

This week’s theme is fittingly called Demon’s Souls which is the first thing you hear before you even start a playthrough as it is the music for the opening cinematic. Up until Bloodborne, there weren’t cinematic intros since Demon’s Souls and a crying shame that is because Dark Souls and its sequel have some good moments I would have love to see animated. I guess with their extended cinematic trailers and all, I guess they didn’t need those.

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