Music of the Week #187





I’ve been noticing my renewed interest in 40K because of my continued Dark Crusade playthroughs. The voice acting is superb while the snappy dialogue during the game’s more challenging missions are actually really nice. Was thinking of getting Soulstorm but I honestly find the air units absolutely unnecessary and even the two new races (of only one of which I’m interested in) isn’t worth it for me.

Other than that, we’ll head straight to the music here. Last week’s theme was what I considered to be the true final boss to the game while the actual final boss is this. Inside the Old One lies the TRUE King Allant that brought ruin upon Boletaria and he is but a shambling mess of a creature that can barely hold his own sword. He’s not challenging at all but serves as a reminder to what may happen to all of us lest be be consumed by our hunger for souls. After he is slain, his final words ring, “You fool. Do you not understand? Nobody wishes to go on.”


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