Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 40- YOU GOT BOOST POWER

Our crew immediately becomes separated by Terence and we enter his challenge of




Also those graphics are totally not NES/SNES style

The butler who somehow glided on the floor welcomes the Joestar Crew to the mansion and introduces himself as D’arby, Terence T. D’arby, the little brother of Daniel J D’arby who they defeated a few days prior. The crew suspect Terence to have a vendetta against them for mentally damaging his brother but Terence declares that what happened to his brother was his loss and he will not hold it against them. Terence unveils his Stand and Jotaro steps up to face it, only to have Terence mutter that Jotaro will throw out an attack with Star Platinum’s left hand. Jotaro instead, attacks with his right but Terence’s Stand, Atum catches his arm before the blow lands. Terence then opens a portal on the floor and drags Jotaro with him, and Kakyoin and Josesph latch on, only to be dragged down as well. As the portal swallows the trio, Joesph orders for the remaining three to remain by the door and if they don’t resurface in 10 minutes, Avdol should burn down the building.

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Inside the “floor”, D’arby welcomes them to the room where they will be pitted against each other. Before that happens, D’arby unveils his own “collection” which turn out to be some creepy-ass set of dolls. Similarly to his brother, D’arby’s Stand allows him to take the soul of others and in Terence’s cases, he likes to outfit them in dolls and dress them up and even talk to them. The trio fully understand that as much as Terence may speak like a gentleman, he’s still rotten to the core and team prepare to face him. D’arby reminds Jotaro of how Atum caught SP’s punch and reveals the mark on Jotaro’s hand that Atum can utilize to injure him. But if D’arby were to do that, he would be attacked by Kakyoin and Joesph so he decides the venue of videogames as his challenge to them. He chooses Kakyoin to play against, as if the last person were to lose was him, Kakyoin’s chances of asking to leave the others behind would be greater as he is not family with the Joestars. Kakyoin accepts and selects the F-ZERO game to play against.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- End

Using the classic tactic of boosting before the game, Terence gets himself the lead while Kakyoin is eventually able to even out the pacing. The two remain even until they approach a tunnel and Kakyoin loses control, only to enter the tunnel by its walls and remain at the same place as Terence. However, the tunnel becomes darker as it goes deeper and there happens to be a cannon that shoots at the cars and both Terence and Kakyoin are able to dodge. Both eventually reach the tunnel’s exit but it turns out that Terence is on the lead.

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