Music of the Week #186

Bit late



Got caught up with something last night and also had to study for a bit so I apologize for the delay. Speaking of delays, there isn’t that much for me to disclose since I haven’t had too many things to do. Classes are almost out and that also means we’re reaching the end of Part 3 soon. Hopefully Part 4 becomes green lit and I pray that they retain some of the VA’s.

Other than that, I’ve been playing more Dawn of War for whatever reason. Finally, in terms of stuff I’m watching, it seems that it’s only Oregairu S2 and DxD to laugh at it.

This week’s theme is that of Old King Allant, AKA, the False King. He’s the toughest and the only non-gimmick archdemon in the game and as many people call it, the true final boss. You might be thinking, there’s 5 areas right? Then what happened to the World 2 archdemon you may ask? Well the as intimidating as the Dragon God sounds and how amazing his arena looks, the only thing you need to for DG here is just evade his sight and activate two enormous ballistas. After that, he just lies his head on the ground for you to finish him off. That’s it. False King and his guard dragon is a lot more difficult. Allant has a diverse, quick moveset that has plenty of variations to trip you up. While the recent games in the series (mostly Dark Souls 2) was criticized for the 1 vs 1 dude in armor boss fights, Allant is one of the best fights the entire series will give you.