Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 39- Here comes the mansion

So instead of taking the majority of this episode, the finale to Pet Shop and Iggy’s fight takes place in the first half of the episode while the buildup to entering DIO’s mansion alone takes the rest of the episode. Can’t say I’m complaining since the build up was pretty good and Terence’s entrance was pretty balling as hell.

So let’s finish this up.

Picking from last time, Iggy becomes cornered in the sewers as Pet Shop utilizes the full extent of Horus’s abilities to freeze all the exits. Iggy attempts to escape but the creeping ice catches one of his feet and Pet Shop moves in to finish him off. Letting loose a few icicle missiles, Pet Shop finds Iggy’s severed paw stuck in the ice while it looks around and finds that Iggy has escaped below the water. On the other side of things, the Joestar crew begin to worry about the three hours they waited on the beggar, only for Avdol to assume the worst and presume the man did find the building but did not return with his life.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- HFS

Returning to Iggy, we find him underneath the water outside in the river where he has constructed a few pipes leading down to his sand bunker on the riverbed. Iggy laments his severed limb but is thankful he was able to escape with his life. While he plans to remain down in the riverbed for a bit longer, he hears something break through the surface of the water and fears the worst that Pet Shop has located him. Indeed so, Pet Shop begins to fling a barrage of icicle shards at the bunker while Iggy uses The Fool and generates arms around the bunker to deflect the icicles. This proves effective as Pet Shop is grazed near its wings and the attacks begin to stop.Instead, the shard that pierced the bunker before begins to extend its ice around the interior. The ice begins to weigh down the bunker as it begins to break under the pressure. Iggy finds no other choice but to escape below and while it is taking him some time, he finds a tunnel underneath his escape path. Much to his fear, Iggy finds Pet Shop waiting for him at the other end of the tunnel as he latter is preparing another icicle. With no other path to escape, Iggy acts on his feet and decides to call back The Fool, letting the bunker be crushed as the force of breakdown propels him through the tunnel in blinding speed. Iggy bares his fangs and is launched right to Pet Shop’s faces where the former chomps down on the bird’s beak, breaking it apart.

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Iggy surfaces from the river with Pet Shop defeated and laments at how things have turned for the worst for him. He loses his strength and begins to sink into the river, only to have the boy from before save him from drowning. The scene shifts to the next morning as the Joestar crew begins to worry for Iggy’s extended absence. Jotaro hears a voice in the distance behind him and the team find Iggy limping out from an alleyway. They rush to him and find that his front leg has been severed but bandaged with precision. Jotaro however notes that it was not Iggy who he heard but a human. A familiar voice enters the scene and explains that Iggy was found nearly dead in the arms of young boy where they happened on a Speedwagon Foundation doctor. The voice turns out to be Kakyoin and the crew rush to him to welcome him back. Iggy leaps from Joseph’s arm and begins to beckon the team to follow him. As they follow, they find the destroyed car of the beggar being towed away with bloodstains all over, confirming their fears that Iggy was attacked. As they continue following, the entire team begins to feel an incredibly sinister presence over them and they finally behold DIO’s mansion. The crew prepare themselves and enter its gates and the front door bursts open as a man is seen floating through the halls. He lands and greets them as the mansion’s butler and states that they have been expecting them.

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