Music of the Week #185





I’m at a lack of souls either because of my inattentiveness or just not that many shows that I want to watch are airing. I think around Week 3 where the earliest shows have their 3rd episode are the latest times a new series could start off so I’ll be waiting til next week before I have a definitive list on what I’ll be watching for sure. But for now, nothing that new going on.

Let’s just move right onto the music here. Last week we were at the Storm King and we were at Maiden Astraea before. Similar to the previous 2 archdemons, the Old Monk is another gimmick fight that really varied in experience for a lot of people. Before I move on, I will have to say Tower of Latria (World 3) is probably one of the best designed levels in the entire franchise since I loved all the sectors. The Old Monk’s gimmick is that if someone used the online invasion item, they would replace the regular AI character boss and become the final boss of the sector. This could range from being easy to hard and I have acted as a boss a few times. Hilariously enough, most people actually die before even making it to the boss room thanks to the Mind Flayer mobs outside.

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