Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 38- Frozen Phoenix

We enter the thresh hold of Part 3’s conclusion, but before we enter the gates of hell, our mangy canine meets the bloodthirsty guard of DIO’s mansion. This along with D’arby was one of the most anticipated fights and while I didn’t find the fight that amazing in the manga, watching it now really does put it into perspective.

Let the Heritage for the Future players’ PTSD return.

Polnareff learns firsthand of the law regarding beggars in the streets of Cairo and the one who he angered happens to know Avdol. Avdol hands the beggar a photo of DIO’s mansion and employs him to find the mansion and the man more or less reveals that his keeps beggar status because he spent everything he got to buy himself a nice suit, hat, shades, and a car. The man turns out to be an expert in stuff like this and promises to find the mansion in around 3 hours and expects a handsome payment. The crew start the waiting game while wondering where in the world Iggy went off to.

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Iggy prowls the streets of Cairo in an undetermined distance away and he runs into two larger dogs and scares them off with raw intimidation. The dogs then spot a shadow beneath a residence’s gates and tries to crawl under. Iggy begins to walk away, only to hear the rapid movement from the dogs trying to squeeze through the bottom abruptly end. Iggy turns around and finds the heads of the dogs impaled on a spike of ice and we are introduced to Pet Shop, DIO’s pet bird and the guard bird that patrols the skies to look out for any who would trespass onto the mansion. Pet Shop sees Iggy but more importantly, sees the professional beggar from before who locates the house the Joestar crew requested him to find. He is immediately eviscerated by a pillar of ice and the picture is ripped apart. Iggy sees the bird and figures out that this is the mansion that the crew have been searching for. However, Iggy is still not convinced he should have any part of this adventure he was dragged into and feigns regular dog ignorance so that Pet Shop leaves him.

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Pet Shop is either convinced that Iggy is just another dumb mutt and enters back into the mansion’s courtyard. Iggy prepares to leave but finds a concerned child looking for his two dogs. The boy finds the collar of his dogs beneath the gate and tries to go under it, only to find Pet Shop feasting on the head of the two dogs. Pet Shop aims the child, only to have Iggy interrupt the encounter and join the fight. Pet Shop is entertained by the notion that Iggy turned out to be a Stand user and brandishes his Stand’s ability and lets loose a volley of icicles. Iggy gets scraped by the ice on the ground and retreats after seeing Pet Shop’s Stand do enormous amounts of damage. Iggy takes to the streets but is quickly hunted down by Pet Shop and eventually goes down to the sewers. Iggy is injured and psyched out and Pet Shop immediately enters the sewers and blasts Iggy down. Turns out that Iggy anticipated this and formed a sand clone made from The Fool and claws Pet Shop’s chest.

Pet Shop is injured but unfazed but reveals his Stand, Horus’s, physical form and becomes extremely serious. Horus’s power courses through the sewers and freezes out all the exits and Iggy is stranded alone to face Pet Shop.

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