Music of the Week #184

Spring time


Spring season is going by but I find myself lacking in shows, guess I’ll have to wait a few more days before everything starts rolling out. I doub I’ll pick up anything to cover episodically like Jojo since most of them will most likely be comedy or be too wordy (I’m looking at you Oregairu). Also, I might not even pick a fanservice of the season show other than DxD, mostly so I can just laugh at it with my friends

Other than that, I’m just waiting to report. Hopefully will finish the Harem Roundup for last season.

This week’s theme is that of the Storm King, the archdemon for World 4, the Shrine of Storms. Something about archdemons and how most of them are all gimmick fights. In Storm King’s case, it is the mother(?) of all the flying stingray beasts that populate the area. You have to kill around 10 of them to make the Storm King near the ground as its constantly flying high in the sky. Normally, you would use a bow or some magic, but there’s an extremely likable gimmick to this fight that makes it memorable. Farther in the battlefield is a field of monumental stones that house a weapon called Storm Ruler. In any other area, the Storm Ruler would be an easily broken twig of a sword, but in this map only, the weapon gains a new effect. Using the strong attack button, the Storm Ruler can charge a concentrated wave of air and tear through the air. Just by presentation, Storm King was a great boss.

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