Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 37- Horsed

The comedic Hol Horse episode segments come to a close and now we have only combat for the next few months. So that being said, I honestly didn’t care that much on how this episode turned out since comedy episodes are exponentially less entertaining when you already know what’s going to happen compared to action.

So let’s give Hol Horse and Boingo their final applause as the comedy thresh hold to the End Game has been crossed.

With the Joestar Crew closing in on Polnareff with Hol Horse’s fingers up his nose, Hol Horse quickly hides behind a wall and continues threatening Polnareff. Polnareff obviously valuing his own life, pretends to act like nothing has happened and is forced to say that he was just taking a piss. Polnareff’s face however cannot be seen by Hol Horse and the former tries his best to tell his crew that someone is behind him. While it takes a few guesses and a suspicious Hol Horse, Avdol figures this out and Hol Horse has no choice but to pull the trigger and take at least one of the Joestar Crew with him. Polnareff sneezes and Hol Horse is revealed and his position is compromised. Hol Horse wonders what in the world would sticking his fingers up Polnareff’s nose would ever do to help him kill the Joestars but he is saved when the oil jars he smashed into sends a car veering to the Joestar Crew, knocking them out.

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With the Joestars temporarily knocked out, Hol Horse rendezvous with Boingo and goes over the prediction once again to finish them off. Thoth then reveals that Hol Horse will encounter two workers maintaining the pipes and will pay them off to adjust them. At noon sharp, Hol Horse will use the Emperor on the pipes to kill Jotaro. Hol Horse once again questions legitimacy but is assured when Boingo notes that his brother was defeated because of his morphing ability, which neither of the two possess. Hol Horse panics when he finds noon will be in 2 minutes and scrambles to the workers to open the pipes for him. While he is unsuccessful until he gives them a purse of coins, Hol Horse times himself and shoots through the pipes and he turns the corner to see if the prediction will be absolute.

Sure enough, Jotaro was already conscious after the crash and goes to check Polnareff around one of the displaced pipes. Jotaro nears his head to check on Polnareff’s condition but the latter sneezes once again and the bullets fly past Jotaro and hits one of the buildings farther away. Hol Horse is furious and grabs Boingo to demand answers but a car passes by where its radio just confirms that noon has just hit. Hol Horse checks his watch and despondently confirms that his watch is fast and Boingo’s predictions wrongdoings only end with suffering. Hol Horse is then promptly met with his own bullets and is carted off by a stretcher. Boingo on the other hand has a change of heart but quickly suffers as well when he encounters and accidentally hits Iggy.

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