Music of the Week #183

Back on the saddle



It’s break recovery week so not much is going on. The harems have ended and the Spring season will start by earliest sometime this week and I’ll actually have to see if anything is worth watching. Speaking of harems, they’ll get themselves a short roundup with my thoughts on them shortly but for now, not much news going on.

Been obsessing over Bloodborne for the past few days, already got myself spoiled but being me, I know I’ll enjoy playing through the game. Other than Bloodborne, FFXV looks marvelous and very homey with the literal roadtrip with bros feeling going on. DMC4:SE needs no introduction and I’m still surprised they decided to make Trish and Lady playable.

Anyways, simple week ahead so lets move on to the music.

Didn’t think I’d reach this far into the Demon’s Souls soundtrack already but here we are. The other bosses in the Valley of Defilment (World 5) are honestly very lackluster. Leechmonger and Dirty Colossus are just open area fights with bosses taking on the thematic feel of the world by being disgusting. However, they gave us a surprise as the Arch demon for this world (the final boss of the given world) turns out to be the least disgusting of them all. Maiden Astraea, a lady dressed in white alongside her faithful guardian, Garl Vinland serve as the boss. Once members of the church, Astraea threw away her holy obligations to help the wretched denizens of the valley, and they began worshiping her as their god and soon she became to hold the soul of a demon. Garl only acted upon his accord and wished to stay by Astraea’s side, protecting her frail form with his enormous weapon. When you enter to fight them, Astraea begs you to leave them as they have found a home here and have done nothing wrong. You are given two options at this point, either confront Astraea directly by facing Garl Vinland in combat or kill Astraea from afar. Whichever one you choose however, when one of the duo dies, their partner will be stricken with grief and commit suicide.

While Demon’s Souls has its share of tough bosses, this was one of the more eye opening experiences that also hinted at the nature of the ending.

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