Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 36- Horsing Around

I have no idea why they decided to make this two episodes but in all honesty, I guess the length does fit pretty nicely. This week and the next, Hol Horse will be undertaking yet another attempt at the Joestar Crew’s life. This time, he is partnered with Boingo and his future sight. With this lasting for another week, I can predict that we have 3-4 more episodes before we finally reach DIO.

We join a different perspective in the journey as we follow the perspective of Hol Horse, who we haven’t seen since Justice. Hol Horse walks past multiple dead bodies and a load of valuables and sees that DIO has been getting busy with himself lately. Hol Horse enters DIO’s room and is immediately met with the vampire himself and instinctively, Hol Horse is intimidated and says that he came to give a report on the remaining status of the 9 Stand Users. DIO is unfazed but suggests that Hol Horse do his part and confront the Joestar crew again. Hol Horse thinks to himself if DIO really is that strong if he invested so much into the Stand user assassins he sent against them and wonders to himself if he could kill DIO right now. Hol Horse summons the Emperor and points his gun behind DIO’s head as the latter is reading a book. Without even turning his head, DIO notices this and vanishes in front of Hol Horse’s eyes and reappears behind him. Instead of reprimanding him, DIO is pleased with Hol Horse’s calm demeanor moments before pulling the trigger and hopes he puts it to good use.

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We see Hol Horse again leaving a flight from Aswan as he returns to Cairo and shoots a man before getting inside a taxi. Hol Horse’s trip to Aswan is revealed to have been to retrieve a previous Stand user, Boingo. Hol Horse heard of Boingo’s Stand ability and with his brother out of commission for another month, wanted to team up with him for what may be his last chance against the Joestar Crew. To test out Boingo’s ability, Hol Horse inspects Thoth at the outskirts of town and the book predicts that Hol Horse will kick a women and be awarded with jewelry. Hol Horse is skeptical but by Boingo’s insistence, Hol Horse kicks the next women he sees and it turns out that a scorpion was under her clothes and he had saved her from certain death. For his quick wit, Hol Horse is awarded with her necklace.

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With the predictions being true, Hol Horse and Boingo stalk the Joestar Crew through the city but the next prediction becomes too outrageous for Hol Horse to believe. Boingo however has no doubt that its predictions will become true but the commotion attracts Polnareff to get suspicious and he quickly finds Hol Horse behind the buildings. Boingo hides himself while Hol Horse remembers that he has to stick two fingers in Polnareff’s nostrils for the prediction to be correct and with nothing to lose, Hol Horse does so. However, nothing extraordinary seems to happen as the next prediction he read was that the Joestar crew would be defeated and that obviously is not the case. Polnareff demands to know what Hol Horse is doing as the rest of the Joestar team approach the corner.

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