hippiefreak’s 2015 Figure Master List

hippiefreak’s 2015 Figure Master List

Watch me talk about the figures that I currently want to have, all neatly organized on their statuses. When I first got into the world of figures, I never expected to learn all these sizes and companies and begin to get really picky with them. Lo and behold, with figures becoming better in quality and with my funds being constantly be drawn out for everyday expenses, I’ve gotten even pickier than before. So what have I learned?

  • Alter is pretty much the best
  • Max Factory and Good Smile Company are up there
  • 1/8’s are somewhat overpriced for their quality
  • Swimsuits are somewhat boring

Must Buys

  • Nakahara Tomoe (WF): Tony Taka’s girls all look pretty but they all look the same. Just go look at all the Shining series girls with literal samefaces only with different hairstyles and outfits. Hell, there are multiple costumes just for one character from the games too. To be honest, I still like his art but I don’t particularly find most of the figures of his design to be that amazing. Then this comes along and what do you know, it’s an original. I don’t even care if I can take off her panties or expose her breasts, she looks amazing with that kimono and she’s definitely on the top of the list.
  • Sairenji Haruna (WF): I don’t follow To Love Ru Darkness anymore, not after I knew it would amount to nothing in the end. Haruna isn’t even necessarily my preferred girl and with her character concept origin being based off Yabuki Kentaro’s bitch of an ex-wife, I don’t many people would. Even so, the TLRD Bridal-Lingerie line is probably the ONLY line I have interest in and as if I care about TLR for its characters or their personalities anymore, Haruna looks pretty, looks sexy in that lingeri, and Yabuki Kentaro is still amazing at drawing girls.
  • BB: Fate/Extra CCC is something I still have yet to play but I hung around some TypeMoon worshiping forum during release week and practically got all I needed out of it to understand everything. Now watching and reading about the game is way different than actually playing it, no doubt, but Fate Extra is just pretty rock-paper-scissors, and I already played Extra. While I wouldn’t mind playing it, it’s just something that isn’t a priority for me anymore. Even so, the character BB is just so lovably fun to watch and she’s technically the reason for the game’s plot to take place. So not only do I love her character, I also love how she looks and it’s been a while since I’ve been hyped for a figure.


  • Tougetsu (WF): I find it annoying that not many good figures out there utilize the tantalizing Qipao/Cheongsam/Chinadress. Just so happens the best looking one also has an explicit option of dildo insertion and exposed breasts. Once again, I’m not even interested in stuff like that since I’m more into what she’s wearing than what she has in store beneath the dress.
  • Yamato: I’ve never played Kancolle but the images going around the web and the amount of content it generates is enormous. I have a list of girls I actually like but only a few of them actually got figures. Yamato is one of the few girls I like, mostly because I like the way she’s dressed and the umbrella adding extra charm. By what I mean by “the way she’s dressed”, she has an opening on her skirt around her hips which serve no purpose but to fuel my fetish. I couldn’t give a damn about the actual “ship” parts though and thankfully, that’s an extra set of dollars I won’t be throwing at. My only gripe is that this is a 1/8 scale.
  • Nero (WF): Nero is getting a lot of love this WonFes and for that reason alone, I’m cutting down the number of figures involving her since I try to uphold the “1 figure of a character” rule. Funny because I already broke that rule because I own 2 Kobato Hasegawas from Haganai but my justification is that the color and outfit were completely different. This version is the Saber Bride with the white costume that I find replacing my want for the 1/8 version released way back since this one is 1/7. There’s at least 2 more Nero’s with her casual dress but I like Nero for her extravagance so the casual outfit doesn’t do it for me.
  • Kurumi: The only reason DAL is something I still follow is because of the art design. Granted I got used to its story telling and character personalities, but the design is what kept the series from fading away in my memories. Kurumi happens to have the more memorable designs and there’s another 1/7 of her with her actual dress on but I chose the sexier style of Kurumi here more than the action one.
  • Nero (WF): Yet another Nero that I want even though I just explicitly stated that I don’t like having more than one figure of a character I already have one for. What’s more is that I generally don’t even like swimsuit figures because of its simplicity. However, I like Nero as a character and her pose, eyecatching color, expression, and size (1/6) is alluring enough for me to reconsider.
  • Irisdina: Muv Luv is about traumatic fights against phallic-shaped aliens but it never tries to hide that the reason you suffer through all that shit is for girls. I don’t have the most experience with Muv Luv but as if liking and knowing the series is going to stop me from buying stuff that I find pretty. Granted, I might get more out of the figure through a psychological frame, it doesn’t hinder me too much for buying something I’m not familiar with.
  • Sasara: I’ve honestly only played To Heart 2 for Tamaki and I consider Sasara the alternative if I’m feeling like romancing a blondie instead of a domineering but soft onee-san. Add that to my supreme fetish of bunnysuits and you got something I’d buy in a heartbeat. I chose the white one because it has a more cutesy expression compared to the red version. Oh it can also be displayed with breasts exposed but when bunnysuits are the issue, I’m more interested in the legs.
  • Muramasa (WF): More bunnysuits are always good for me, especially if its a drow but as if. Muramasa is actually an armor/weapon that somehow can be boned in the games but that isn’t my concern. A lot of figures have been released of her yet I never found any resonance with the ones released. I was waiting for her regular outfit one to be good but I disliked the face. Then this comes along and I found my perfect match, although I would like to see a better one in her regular red outfit.
  • Angela (WF): I thought long and hard and I might as well keep it on her just in case the announced but unscuplted one doesn’t look as great.


  • Kongou (WF): I’ve become jaded with Nao Toyama’s voice but I still like Kongou’s design. Back in an earlier WonFes, I began to dismiss this since the face looked a bit derpy but they actually fixed it so I’m somewhat back to being interested. I’ll still wait for a paint. Hell, I’ve started to disregard Kongou a lot after finding other Kancolle girls but oh well, the paint will make or break my decision a lot for this.
  • Dark Magician Girl (WF): Kotobukiya already has a good Dark Magician Girl but I want to see how this one turns out before I make my final decision. What can I say about Dark Magician Girl? It’s from a show about Card Games of monsters fighting each other and then the waifu age was ushered in to the series as DMG showed up. I can’t say I wasn’t immune to her charms back then and I still can’t say I am now.
  • Himekawa (WF): Native went on a spree with a load of original figures and this one caught my eye. Apparently the original illustration had a much smaller chest but I honestly just like how it likes and I couldn’t care less about breast size. This is just a simple case of me looking how it looks, but that’s a given in stuff like this.
  • Lis: I know little of Muv Luv as I mentioned before, but Irisdina looks good enough but knowing me, I will want to collect things from a line if they look good enough. I’d like to see them colored before I make up my mind.
  • Katia: Same deal as above.
  • Takasugi (WF): The first male figure I plan on buying. Takasugi is one of my favorite characters from Gintama and I was afraid he would been offed in the latest development and I was thankful he wasn’t. I probably would buy more male characters if they actually got made but off the top of my head, I can’t think of anyone else.


  • Purple Heart: Purple Heart is design wise my favorite character from Neptunia. I had Black Heart from Alter being on my list but I much prefer the Victory design other than the design from the first game. This Purple Heart is pretty much based off the anime which thankfully has the Victory design.
  • Miku (WF): I’ve slowly began to ween myself away from Miku figures since I’ve honestly gotten a bit jaded with her. The only Mikus I have on my list are the 2013 I have not yet gotten and this one just happens to have such a soft official art that I’m simply entranced by it. Then again, I can drop it just as quick since my “1 figure per character” rule is now conflicting in my weakening “Miku is an exception” rule.
  • Yoko (WF): TTGL was a fun show but I never honestly put it as one of my favorites. Yoko is 14 and yet she’s completely stacked but who am I to complain about that? So from my extremely brief interpretations on the series, you’d instantly know what the only thing going for this figure is that fact that it’s a bunnysuit.
  • Nero (WF): Yet another Nero Bride one, only that I’m still not completely sure of what I feel about the one above so I only have this to remind myself I MIGHT have another option if I feel like buying Nero in the bride outfit.
  • Takao (WF): Once again, bunnysuit girls. This time it’s Takao from Arpeggio, a show I avoided due to me not really liking 3D style animation. I’m not the greatest fan of her expression but the body form is enough for me to consider her. Just pray it’s not a 1/8.
  • Angela (WF): Speaking of 3D styles, Expelled From Paradise was an entire movie done in 3D and apparently got really good scores. I haven’t watched for it myself but you don’t need to tell me the main girl designed by saitom who wears that extremely revealing bodysuit isn’t pretty as hell.
  • Muramasa (WF): A different Muramasa than the one whose been getting all the good merchandise. This is Muramasa the 2nd compared to Muramasa the 3rd. It’s yet again another bunny figure but we’ll see how it turns out.
  • Eleanora (WF): Vanadis was something I was supposed to talk about in a post individually but I never got around to it because it honestly was nothing that amazing. It was pretty “unique” in a sense but of course, the only memorable things were the girls. Eleanora was a very pretty character to witness and her personality was charming to boot.
  • Nono (WF) and Zetton (WF): More bunnies. No big surprises here


  • Noel: Fighting game girls usually don’t require story and while Blazblue has an extremely convoluted one, I always equated fighting game character designs to stem from “unique feel” and playstyle concepts that make something unique for each fighting game title. Noel happens to fill that role for the Blazblue series. While I am interested in the other girls, only Noel has decent merchandise.
  • Sonico: Sonico has too many figures where her demeanor doesn’t match the risque pose/outfit she has on. Given that she has the face of some 10 year old girl doesn’t help either but for this one especially, it isn’t that lewd and I like the soft expression she has. It actually matches for once.
  • Miku: Still the 2013 one. Nothing to say here other than the 1/8 size now bothers me but leotards will be leotards.
  • Mistral: I was deciding between the swimsuit one or this one but chose the latter since the swimsuit one had an awkward looking face.
  • Mai: Same deal with Noel. If there’s any female character to represent the King of Fighters’ series, it has to be Mai.
  • Inia: While I was somewhat staunch about the rule of 1 figure per character, Inia is just too good of a combination or adorable and sexy for me to resist.
  • Kirika: I’m reconsidering Kirika after I put another Tony Taka figure at the top of this list but I really like this one and I’m giving this one a pardon in terms of swimsuit figure.
  • Ikaruga: She’s a 1/8 and I’m not the biggest fan of Senran Kagura but I think I like Ikaruga the best. Even though none of these girls seem like ninjas at all.
  • Tamaki: I always need a Tamaki fig since she’s the only reason the To Heart series means anything to me. Bunnysuit is just a fantastic extra.
  • Alleyne: Alleyne is pretty tame compared to the other Queen’s Blade girls and honestly, I think she’s my favorite since she isn’t really that flashy. Plus she was designed by Matsuryuu.
  • Sonico: She turned out a lot better than I thought and I might contest it against the other one in this list.
  • Yukine: If you’ve stuck with this site (god knows why) for a while, you’d know I watched Symphogear G just for Chris. While I love bunnysuits, I’d honestly lover her in her personalized armor suit but oh well, bunnysuits are never a bad thing. However, I didn’t like her face when I saw it, but I cannot deny that body.

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