Music of the Week #182

Figures to come



Figure posts is done at last so that goes up tomorrow while I like to keep Wednesdays solely for music. Bloodborne is finally out and from the looks of it has “saved gaming” and the PS4 from mediocrity. While I do not have a PS4 yet, BB and DMC 4 is tempting me to get it eventually. I’ve already bee spoiled for Bloodborne’s endings as well but I’m more in it for the fight. People are already talking about a certain boss that is kicking their teeth in and even from the videos I can see how menacing the boss fight is.

But as if the PS4 is going to drop in price anytime soon, plus I need to buy another 3DS so I can actually get to playing some new-gen games. But all will come in time.

This week’s theme is of the Adjudicator, one of the more lore filled and visually interesting bosses to come from Demon’s Souls. He awaits the player inside a small tower in the Shrine of Storms where his lore apparently has him judge the living passing onto death in the local area. He’s so fat that the only ways to hurt him is to push the enormous knife stuck to his belly some more or to hurt the bird on his head. He also breaks parts of the tower to bring you to the bottom with his freaking TONGUE. The blaring horns in this boss fight along with the bird cawing in the beginning puts on the “bizarre” feeling while most of the other bosses instilled some fear.