Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 35- Ruse Cruise

Well, apparently the side chapter is going to get two episodes before the FINAL arc is entered. That being said, I think I got used to D’arby’s voice actor now and of course, I still favored the line delivery and smoothness of Utsumi Kenji but I can’t say I hated our current D’arby’s performance.

I will say though, watching this while knowing what’s going to happen somewhat lessens the tension but that should be a given.

Continuing right where we left off, Jotaro challenges D’arby to a poker match with Joseph, Polnareff, and his own soul on the line. But before they begin, Jotaro requests D’arby to shuffle the cards and pick any card from the deck. D’arby does so and is commanded to see the card but not show Jotaro and the latter begins reading them off in order. Jotaro reveals that his Star Platinum captured every card’s location and reminds D’arby that this will ensure him that cheating will not be condoned. D’arby is amused but mentions that he only needs to shuffle away from Jotaro’s line of sight. D’arby pulls out a newly sealed deck of cards and Jotaro confirms its authenticity and the two draw a card to decide who the dealer will be.

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D’arby wins this and he shuffles and starts the game and distributes the cards. In the middle of this, Star Platinum appears and breaks D’arby’s index finger and Jotaro explains that he caught on to D’arby’s trick before the game even started. Apparently, D’arby was about to give Jotaro the 2nd card from the top and Jotaro shows that if this happened, D’arby would have gotten a 3 pair of 10’s. With D’arby’s finger broken, Jotaro asks Avdol to get a new dealer. Avdol brings a child who was playing soccer and D’arby bandages his finger and splits Joseph and Polnareff’s souls into 6 chips. D’arby explains that for every 6 chips Jotaro wins, he’ll win back a soul. Jotaro then declares his stakes and D’arby hands him 6 white chips that represent Jotaro’s soul and in similar fashion, if D’arby wins all 6, Jotaro’s soul will be lost. With the new dealer, the two obtain their hand and begin their match.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Souls

The two call and D’arby wins the first hand and takes wins 3 of Jotaro’s chips. Unfazed, Jotaro signals for the next hand and D’arby has 3 kings already lined up for him. The child Avdol brought over and pretty much everyone in the cafe happens to work for D’arby and the cards have been rigged from the start. D’arby however notices Jotaro’s cards have not been picked up and demands to know why Jotaro is not looking at his hand. Jotaro calmly replies that he’ll leave them as they are. D’arby is fazed but fakes surprise as he doesn’t want to give away the secret that the child works for him and that the cards he could have dealt Jotaro might have a chance at being decent. Jotaro pushes forward and asks Avdol for a request and brings out 6 more white chips and bets Avdol’s soul. D’arby is taken aback and Avdol explains that he himself is a man who cannot gamble easily and is too honest with himself. D’arby matches this gesture and raises all 12 of Joesph and Polnareff’s souls combined and Jotaro is asked, that if he decides to continue, he will be able to wager Kakyoin’s souls as well.

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Jotaro does so without flinching and D’arby begins to second guess Jotaro’s speed against his own skills in noticing cheats. D’arby decides to go for it all but before he calls, he sees Jotaro light a cigarette in blinding speed. D’arby begins to think again, only to find Jotaro drinking juice after he sets his eyes on him again. D’arby is completely nervous but to drive it down even more, Jotaro decides to raise the bet and declares he will bet his mother’s soul. However, D’arby must now also match the raise with something of equal value and Jotaro demands to know the secret of DIO’s stand. D’arby is flung back from his chair and struggles to return to the table to match Jotaro. Avdol takes note of the extreme reaction and surmises that D’arby must know what DIO’s stand can do. D’arby lurches toward the table but soon falls unconscious and the souls of those he defeated are returned, along with Polnareff and Joseph. Avdol finally checks Jotaro’s cards and they turn out to be completely trash.

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