Music of the Week #181

Late but it’s break week


I have a week off and I will most likely finish the Figure post by that time, other than that, We’re on the last few episodes of some series and that means Spring is almost here. I don’t have too much I’m looking forward too but I’m sure I’ll have more than just Jojo going through my weekly list.

Very minimal stuff since I don’t really have anything planned during my week off. May just play more games. Fallout New Vegas is always fun to play and Dark Souls II is losing its luster, even with the DLC’s.

This week, we have the theme of the Maneaters. That’s right, the plural actually means something. This is the first time the Souls series introduced a dual boss battle, albeit, it’s the same monster. After traversing a bloody swamp and lowering an enormous beating heart near the top of the tower, you enter a high walkway where the Man Eater awaits you. After reducing it’s health to around half, the second one will fly in. Now the Maneaters themselves aren’t hard at all, the problem is that you get anxious as shit waiting for them to actually land so you can hit them. Then you also have the narrow walkways and if you’re not careful, their charge attacks can just knock you right off. They get pretty annoying in tougher levels and they rank with the Flamelurker to be one of the more memorable boss fights.

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