Music of the Week #180

It’s time



Bloodborne comes out in a less than 2 weeks and while I would be pumped up, I don’t own a PS4. I also have my doubts on the game but I really hope I am wrong because I do eventually plan on getting a PS4 sometime in the future for Devil May Cry 4:SE as well. But other than that, I’ll be sticking to my regular game patterns.

Nothing much going on other than my most anticipated fight of Part 3 barring DIO is finally here. You’ll figure out I looked forward to it if you’re an anime only person but for nearly any fan of Jojo, D’arby’s fight is without a doubt, one of the best. Anyways, that will come when it is time so let’s move on.

This week’s theme is a particular favorite of mine. Among the three Souls games, there exist a few early bosses that gain the title of being the early game stompers that destroy newer players. Out of the three candidates from the three games, I only think the Demon’s Souls representative fits the bill. In Dark Souls, people say it’s the Capra Demon. In Dark Souls II, it’s either the Ruin Sentinels or the Smelter Demon. In my opinion, the Capra Demon is an absolute joke of a boss which goes for the Ruin Sentinels as well. Smelter is annoying but that’s technically an optional boss as well. Flamelurker however, will test your skills with its fast and ferocious attacks and its a genuine challenge fighting it. But then again, most people that early in the game just cheese him but oh well. Here’s Flamelurker’s theme, the bane of newbies.

4 thoughts on “Music of the Week #180”

  1. My friend had been nagging at me to buy a PS4, lol. He’s also planning to buy Bloodborne. As for me though, these days I’m just more active on the portable gaming side. Haven’t touch my PS3 for awhile other than Project Diva F 2nd, lol. I should probably start another major gaming marathon soon but maybe not now since most anime in the current season is about to end.

    Will give the music a listen soon since I’m on my phone right now.

    1. If anything, the current season is pretty mediocre. Gaming has been mediocre on my end as well and not too many titles on the PS4 seem worth it so far. Bloodborne definitely looks interesting but I’m going to need to see some more gameplay before I splurge on the console. Devil May Cry 4 Special Edition also sounds pretty good.

      Currently, I’m just stuck with playing Fallout and Dark Souls II. You also just reminded me I need to replace my broken 3DS. I still need to play Starfox 3DS, Pokemon X, and maybe Rune Factory 4

      1. Oddly, I’m watching a lot more than is normal. Shirobako had been treating me especially well.

        The only PS4 Exclusive title I’m looking out for are the new FF titles. For the others, if I can get them on the PS3 I do that, even if there’s less features. Not too big on Devil May Cry 4 SE myself, don’t really like the franchise after DmC become a thing.

        Yea, those are great “time-killer titles”. Sad to hear that about your 3DS. I’m kinda scared of my 3DS dying on me too since almost all of my games are digital, lol.

      2. Yeah, I’m actually looking forward to FFXV but I assume it’ll take its sweet time getting to the shelves.

        Funny you should mention DmC since during its development, all the complaints made to Dante’s character and the overall game design itself had Ninja Theory talking about moving away past the older games. Now they just released DmC: Definitive Edition where they pretty much admitted that their design choices were complete ass and they added back in all the homages to the original series. Sales are already bombing and we would like to believe that DMC4 SE’s sales when it comes out will convince Capcom to kick Ninja Theory out of Devil May Cry for good.

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