Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 33- It’s All Fights Now

Not much was left for that fight so let’s get this done quick so we can patiently await for next week.

However, from the looks of it, it just might end up as a single episode. Both good and band vibes coming from this but in the end, we’re all waiting for the DIO fight anyway. The feels train is prepping its engines soon. Anyway, we have to move over the hurdle that is Alessi to reach that point.

We pick up where we left off with Alessi somehow getting inside the bathroom with the pretty girl tending to Polnareff nowhere in sight. Polnareff is dragged to the tub where Alessi forces him underwater and Polnareff’s arms are too infantile to properly retaliate. Silver Chariot is also injured from attempting to ward off Alessi’s Set. Polnareff pulls the drainage plug and Alessi responds by forcing Polnareff’s still fantastic hair into clogging it. Polnareff then swallows his adult pride that is dwindling away and literally shits himself. The piece of shit floats up to the surface and Polnareff kicks it in Alessi’s face, freeing him of the vice hold and allowing Polnareff to regain some composure. Alessi readies himself but warns Polnareff not to get too feisty as they might step on the bystander.

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Polnareff looks underneath the clothes left behind by the woman and finds a fetus underneath the clothes. Alessi explains that the longer someone makes contact with Set, the younger they become. Polnareff decides to make a break for it and feels his inner justice calling to him to save the girl. Polnareff rushes out of the room carrying the girl and tries to find a safe place to hide. However, Alessei’s taller shadow is able to make contact and Polnareff is made younger and younger.

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Polnareff hides in a small room with a window on its wall and attempts to squeeze himself through it. Alas, he is unable to and finds Alessi behind the door, breaking it down with his axe and pulling a “The Shining”. However, Alessi finds the room empty after entering. He tries to look at the possible hiding spots and chops down the clock, bucket, and stuffed animal only to find no one there. Polnareff then revels to see Alessi not seeing past his plan and reveals himself from inside a ball floating in the fish tank. Chariot damages Alessi’s face but nothing fatal is given and Polnaref is yet again stuck with little to defend himself. A struggle ensues where Alessi falls out the window and encounters Jotaro once again, Polnareff is still unable to remember Jotaro’s name but Jotaro finds enough suspicion around Alessi to engage him in a fight. Alessi calls out his Set, only for Jotaro to leap but nonetheless gets hit by a shadow.

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Jotaro is transformed into his younger self but his toughness seems timeless as he begins to pummel Alessi. Alessi loses consciousness and wakes up to find his Set’s ability has reset with his short time out and Polnareff and Jotaro deliver a flurry of attacks to send him flying away. The duo pick themselves up and ready to leave for food only to have the restored girl run out of her house in search for the young Polnareff. Polnareff can’t help but look at her with his most handsome face but is unable to reciprocate her search and says that he hasn’t seen anyone. She seems to recognize him and asks if they have met before and Polnareff denies it, and begins to walk away.  The crew meet up again at a diner to finally have their meal and Joseph pulls out a camera to take one last spirit photography to discern DIO’s location. The photo comes out and out we see a large mansion.

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