Music of the Week #179

Another Week


Things understandably get busier and while I am only covering one series, the figure post might take a while. It’s both beneficial on both ends since first off, not many people care too much about my preferences, and second, I get to trim that list down a bit more. Anyways, Jojo has 1 more week before a highly anticipated fight while not much else is going on in the other side of the coin. World Break, Fafnir, and Testament are still laughably bad while Absolute Duo once again crosses into a seriously unfitting “serious” territory yet I hate it less than everything else.

Quite honestly, it’s just a bad season. On other news, I finished a No Bonfire Run in Dark Souls II in around 3 sittings and it was predictably very tedious walking back but I played it with more risk and just didn’t light bonfires in longer segments of the game. The No Death Run will be prepared for once I beat through the DLC again.

This week’s theme is of the Armor Spider, the boss of Stonefang Tunnel’s first area. While not the hardest boss, finding a fire-breathing spider at the end of a narrow tunnel scared me the first time playing. The music only adds to the feeling as the pluck of strings really reflect the “spider” like feeling. Here you go.