Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 36- Horsing Around

I have no idea why they decided to make this two episodes but in all honesty, I guess the length does fit pretty nicely. This week and the next, Hol Horse will be undertaking yet another attempt at the Joestar Crew’s life. This time, he is partnered with Boingo and his future sight. With this lasting for another week, I can predict that we have 3-4 more episodes before we finally reach DIO.

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hippiefreak’s 2015 Figure Master List

Watch me talk about the figures that I currently want to have, all neatly organized on their statuses. When I first got into the world of figures, I never expected to learn all these sizes and companies and begin to get really picky with them. Lo and behold, with figures becoming better in quality and with my funds being constantly be drawn out for everyday expenses, I’ve gotten even pickier than before. So what have I learned?

  • Alter is pretty much the best
  • Max Factory and Good Smile Company are up there
  • 1/8’s are somewhat overpriced for their quality
  • Swimsuits are somewhat boring

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Music of the Week #182

Figures to come



Figure posts is done at last so that goes up tomorrow while I like to keep Wednesdays solely for music. Bloodborne is finally out and from the looks of it has “saved gaming” and the PS4 from mediocrity. While I do not have a PS4 yet, BB and DMC 4 is tempting me to get it eventually. I’ve already bee spoiled for Bloodborne’s endings as well but I’m more in it for the fight. People are already talking about a certain boss that is kicking their teeth in and even from the videos I can see how menacing the boss fight is.

But as if the PS4 is going to drop in price anytime soon, plus I need to buy another 3DS so I can actually get to playing some new-gen games. But all will come in time.

This week’s theme is of the Adjudicator, one of the more lore filled and visually interesting bosses to come from Demon’s Souls. He awaits the player inside a small tower in the Shrine of Storms where his lore apparently has him judge the living passing onto death in the local area. He’s so fat that the only ways to hurt him is to push the enormous knife stuck to his belly some more or to hurt the bird on his head. He also breaks parts of the tower to bring you to the bottom with his freaking TONGUE. The blaring horns in this boss fight along with the bird cawing in the beginning puts on the “bizarre” feeling while most of the other bosses instilled some fear.


Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 35- Ruse Cruise

Well, apparently the side chapter is going to get two episodes before the FINAL arc is entered. That being said, I think I got used to D’arby’s voice actor now and of course, I still favored the line delivery and smoothness of Utsumi Kenji but I can’t say I hated our current D’arby’s performance.

I will say though, watching this while knowing what’s going to happen somewhat lessens the tension but that should be a given.

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Music of the Week #181

Late but it’s break week


I have a week off and I will most likely finish the Figure post by that time, other than that, We’re on the last few episodes of some series and that means Spring is almost here. I don’t have too much I’m looking forward too but I’m sure I’ll have more than just Jojo going through my weekly list.

Very minimal stuff since I don’t really have anything planned during my week off. May just play more games. Fallout New Vegas is always fun to play and Dark Souls II is losing its luster, even with the DLC’s.

This week, we have the theme of the Maneaters. That’s right, the plural actually means something. This is the first time the Souls series introduced a dual boss battle, albeit, it’s the same monster. After traversing a bloody swamp and lowering an enormous beating heart near the top of the tower, you enter a high walkway where the Man Eater awaits you. After reducing it’s health to around half, the second one will fly in. Now the Maneaters themselves aren’t hard at all, the problem is that you get anxious as shit waiting for them to actually land so you can hit them. Then you also have the narrow walkways and if you’re not careful, their charge attacks can just knock you right off. They get pretty annoying in tougher levels and they rank with the Flamelurker to be one of the more memorable boss fights.

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 34- TIME TO DUEL

My most anticipated fight barring the final fights has finally arrived and it is as great as I expected it to be. I only have one problem with the episode but like an actual review, I’ll just put it at the end of this. Gather around folks, it’s time to see the birth of Yugioh and the concept of Shadow Games where you lose your soul if you lose, this is D’ARBY THE GAMBLER.

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Music of the Week #180

It’s time



Bloodborne comes out in a less than 2 weeks and while I would be pumped up, I don’t own a PS4. I also have my doubts on the game but I really hope I am wrong because I do eventually plan on getting a PS4 sometime in the future for Devil May Cry 4:SE as well. But other than that, I’ll be sticking to my regular game patterns.

Nothing much going on other than my most anticipated fight of Part 3 barring DIO is finally here. You’ll figure out I looked forward to it if you’re an anime only person but for nearly any fan of Jojo, D’arby’s fight is without a doubt, one of the best. Anyways, that will come when it is time so let’s move on.

This week’s theme is a particular favorite of mine. Among the three Souls games, there exist a few early bosses that gain the title of being the early game stompers that destroy newer players. Out of the three candidates from the three games, I only think the Demon’s Souls representative fits the bill. In Dark Souls, people say it’s the Capra Demon. In Dark Souls II, it’s either the Ruin Sentinels or the Smelter Demon. In my opinion, the Capra Demon is an absolute joke of a boss which goes for the Ruin Sentinels as well. Smelter is annoying but that’s technically an optional boss as well. Flamelurker however, will test your skills with its fast and ferocious attacks and its a genuine challenge fighting it. But then again, most people that early in the game just cheese him but oh well. Here’s Flamelurker’s theme, the bane of newbies.