Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 31- Brokeback Jojo

The comedy ride comes to a stop while creepiness will settle in for the next two weeks. I haven’t been shutting up about that particular future fight but it really is something that stands out in the awkwardness factor when I look back and remember it. Based on the episode preview, it’s going to be two episodes so my most anticipated fight will take place in around 3 weeks.

Anyways, let’s get to one of the more memorable scenes from Part 3.

Picking up from where we left off, Mariah gleefully walks away as Joseph and Avdol are now stuck together like magnets. The two struggle to regain their footing and bystanders start approaching the two flailing men on the street. The two waltz their way to the fence on the other side of the street in an attempt to separate themselves with some support but they are constantly looked at by the bystanders. Joseph yells at them to leave and the two reach the fence and start to pull away from each other. Joseph suggests Avdol slowly peels away from Joseph and drags himself down Joseph, only to reach an extremely compromising position. The two are caught in said position by more pedestrians and one of them happens to be the lady Joseph kept running into and having Avdol in such a position leads to them being whacked by her.

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The two are able to separate themselves and tumble down the hill on the other side of fence and now regain their composure to track down Mariah. They actually find her across the train tracks but of course, their feet get stuck onto the metal and the duo are pulled toward each other once again, only back to back. Stuck on the train tracks, they hear some vibrations and see that a train is coming right toward them. Joseph thinks of either prioritizing Mariah now or saving themselves and chooses the latter but is unable to pull themselves away. The train passes by as Mariah basks in victory, but soon sees smoke and finds Avdol has burnt the ground beneath the tracks for the two to save themselves.

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Joseph uses Hermit Purple to coil the vines around Mariah’s neck but magnetism acts up again, and suddenly, Mariah’s chest expands immensely. Joseph is stunned but Mariah reveals she was carrying some steel bolts and screws with her and the fly out of her shirt to bombard the duo. The two take some damage but Magician’s Red is able to burn them to cinders before Mariah makes off again. Joseph uses Hermit Purple’s abilities to track down Mariah using the maps it can make in the soil. The duo pull themselves apart and make way to corner Mariah. As the two traverse the streets, countless items are dragged to them but they are eventually able to corner Mariah on a street. She doesn’t seem too fazed however and throws a few knives above her to cut the power lines. The magnetism pulls them toward the separated duo and while Avdol can burn them away, Joseph has to catch and restrain them before it reaches him to shock him. Avdol’s magnetism amplifies where he is pulled toward a car.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Duo


Mariah taunts Joseph for a bit about how she wouldn’t have minded dating him if they weren’t pitted against each other and Joseph makes sure that he hears that she won’t be merciful. Joseph unveils his plan to defeat Mariah and announces her loss as the magnetism between Joseph and Avdol are amplified so that they are flung toward each other, with Mariah between them. She is crushed between the immense force of the multiple objects stuck to the duo and Bastet is deactivated. With the town square in shambles and nearly all of Mariah’s bones broken, Joseph and Avdol clean themselves up before they head back to the hotel for breakfast.

Mariah and Bast were all good with jokingly homoerotic undertones but the next stand fight might get to some people. We shall see next week.

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