Music of the Week #177

Once again

Demon's Souls

Another week, another music post.

Just another standard week with a bit more free time on my hands which I will most likely spend making that enormous figure post to sum up my year. Other than that, Jojo is trucking along with Mariah who happens to be the fanbase’s more beloved female villains. I’m not too surprised since she’s not the worst looking female villain we get and I honestly forget how Joseph and Avdol defeat her. Next week’s Jojo with Alessi is going to be weird as shit though.

The harems are actually starting to drop like flies with Absolute Duo being the only one I can tolerate. Fafnir I stopped caring about all together and the same goes fro World Break. Shinami Maou only stands because of the looks, but truth be told I’m getting tired of it already.

We’ll see who’ll make it to the finish line by the end of the season.

This week’s theme is the proper “theme” of the Nexus, aptly titled the Nexus. It only plays after you defeat a certain amount of Arch-demons and is a lot less calming than the Maiden in Black Theme.