Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 30- Freaking Magnets

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 30- Freaking Magnets

Joseph and Avdol get their screentime.

Like I mentioned before, we’re going back to more comedic/puzzle style fights until a few fights before we reach DIO. It entertained me hearing Polnareff noting out how Anubis was one of the few combat-oriented stands they encountered, cause he’s exactly right. This fight is gonna be a puzzle, the next one a puzzle, and the one following probably one of the best puzzles. So while there may be some annoyance to no direct fights, the final fight will surely make up for that so I advise people to not be so turned away from these.

We get a small scene with Kakyoin who is informed that his condition will be helped immensely with the coming arrival of the doctors from the Speedwagon Foundation so he can return to the journey against DIO.

Our crew arrives in Luxor, the town that is a mere two days away from reaching Cairo. Joseph is seen in the rundown bathrooms in the area and quickly leaves seeing the decrepit state of sanitation and he happens upon an electrical outlet by a rock. Curious, he investigates and gets shocked before the team sets out to plan their course of action. The team proposes that they stay in Luxor for a while, as they have encountered nothing but trouble since they arrived in Egypt and require rest. Joseph is concerned with his artificial hand acting up. Strange occurrences begin as metal objects are pulled in Joseph’s general direction.

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The next day, Joseph is woke up by Avdol who notifies him that everyone else is waiting for him so they can have breakfast. Joseph apparently switched his sleeping position and he readies himself to leave the room. Outside the room, two ladies pass by him and the buttons on their dresses are pulled to him, getting Joseph punched. The same deal happens with a significantly older woman who passes by and Joseph finds that something is horrendously wrong. Joseph heads down to the escalators after repelling away some forks and knives. He realizes that he has become a magnet and as he realizes this, his artificial hands is stuck to the escalator. Joseph however encounters the Stand user right in front of him, Mariah the user of Bastet and Joseph tries to stop her, only to be stopped as some of steel wires from her dress latches on to his arm and drags him down to the escalators bottom. Joseph screams in horror and he attempts to find the emergency stop button but is unable to do so.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Pull

Avdol is sent inside by the team to inspect what’s taking Joseph so long, and promptly shuts down the escalator after seeing Joseph flail around in despair. Joseph gets up and plays it off as an inspection and informs Avdol that they have an enemy Stand user in their midst. Joseph catches glimpse of the woman and the two make chase. Joseph also informs that he has become magnetized and the two’s progress are impeded by the natural pull Joseph has. Mariah escapes into the women’s bathroom where the two set aside their gentlemanly honor and barge in. Joseph remembers Mariah having amazing legs and they determine which stall she is in, only to find the old woman Joseph met before.

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The two exit the bathroom via window and Joseph and Avdol make chase through Luxor’s streets to catch Mariah. Joseph further explains how the enemy stand zapped him as an electrical outlet and Avdol begrudgingly mentions how he was already shocked by it when he pressed the emergency stop button. The two are bounded together and are stuck to find Mariah on their own.

A short comedic episode with even more comedic mishaps next week as Mariah is a two parter. The next stand fight is probably going to be a bit on a creepier side (hell it has The Shining reference in there too). But seeing more Joseph this episode and next week’s will always be good. So until next week folks.

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