Music of the Week #176


A day late

Demon's Souls

I was a bit busy yesterday and tired as all hell from my new schedule so I apologize for this being late. Then I look again and see nothing worth apologizing about since I actually don’t have that many news to share with you. Jojo is trucking along fine with it going back to more comedic things this week and the next while the Harem Squadron only has Absolute Duo doing anything worth mentioning while the rest fall on their faces. Kantai Collection had a death a few episodes back and now this week, the characters are in a curry-making contest. Go figure

With the Earthbound express over, it’s time to tackle one the more recent RPG’s with terrific soundtracks. This time, it’s the Souls series starting with Demon’s Souls.

This is the theme of the Maiden In Black, or as most people know, the first theme of the Nexus. I’ll see you all on the Weekend for the Jojo post while I’m also working on the Figure post for this year as well.

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