Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 29- Dual Wielding

Anubis becomes Scooby Doo

They really made Anubis scary as hell but made him like a Saturday morning cartoon villain by the time they showed himself. I’m not sure if he looked this silly up close since it’s been a while since I read Part 3 but oh well. They also teased Mariah at the end and it seems like a 2-parter again, even though we’re going back to comedy for a while before we get to the really good half of the already better half of Part 3.

Picking up immediately from last episode, Jotaro falls asleep as Anubis possesses the barber who puts the blade on Polnareff’s chin. Polnareff maneuvers out of the way from getting beheaded and Anubis cuts the chest of his new host. Jotaro wakes up from the commotion and finds Polnareff in a scuffle with Anubis, with the latter gaining the upper hand as he has learned Polnareff’s skills and limitations in their last bout. Polnareff struggles to match Anubis’s increasing attack and speed and is corned to a wall. Polnareff grabs a piece of cloth and obstructs Anubis’s vision and launches his blade once again but Anubis is able to perfectly deflect it. With no blade in hand, Polnareff asks for help and Jotaro comes into assist. Anubis quickly changes targets but ends up getting punched out the window.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Possessed

A crowd gathers and sees their local barber injured but Polnareff gets everyone to stand back as they will be in danger if they stand too close. Anubis gains his footing and charges toward Jotaro and Jotaro is once again able to deal with him and catches the blade with his palms and breaks the longer section of the blade. Anubis falls and Polnareff and Jotaro sheathe the blade carefully and plan to throw it in the river. A police officer arrives on the scene and struggles with the suspicious duo and their equally suspicious blade. Polnareff tries to get the blade out of the police officer’s hands but ends up drawing it and becoming possessed himself.

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Now Anubis has both experiences in fighting Jotaro along with Polnareff’s body and Star Platinum is barely able to keep up with Anubis’s stronger speed and offensive. Jotaro breaks free from the brief bout and repositions himself while thinking that he needs to go all out against Polnareff if he’s going to survive. Anubis then treats Jotaro to a surprise and brings out Polnareff’s Silver Chariot and arms its right hand with Anubis’s bound form. The two engage in combat once again and Jotaro is able to keep up only for a short while before getting stabbed in the abdomen. Anubis gloats and Jotaro tells him to stop pushing the blade in and the meaning is clear when Jotaro is able to pummel the blade itself stuck to his body and break Anubis in its entirety. Polnareff is freed and Jotaro rests after his fight but the broken half of the blade still remains. A child walks up to it and picks it up and Anubis readies himself to fight Jotaro again and readies his blade. Then his new host trips on Iggy who targets a lollipop near the child’s feet and instead of slicing Jotaro, the blade is flung to the Nile. Anubis tries to stop himself using his hypnotic suggestion powers but only ends up stabbing a cow on a boat. The cow struggles, not allowing him to take control and Anubis falls into the depths of the Nile.

A straight forward episode in all honesty. We’ll be seeing more puzzle-like stands and we’ll get at least 1 more combat oriented fight before we reach DIO. That being said, they actually mentioned The World so I’m already hype to see it in action. Only a few months left to go

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