Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 25&26- Man’s Best Friend

Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 25&26- Man’s Best Friend

The Bizarre adventure picks up once again in the final stretch of the Crusader’s foray into Egypt to find DIO.

Before we begin I just HAVE to address that opening and ending. I won’t lie, I was somewhat disappointed at how things weren’t as hype as before as this is really the final stretch of the adventure for the Part 3. I sort of liked Stand Proud at how hype it got after the somewhat awkward chorus but I’m liking the chorus in this one. That being said, the visuals are the best next to Bloody Stream. If anyone’s a manga reader, you’d probably catch everything there’s to know. But just in case

  • The gears on the sand
  • The shadows on the staircase
  • Star Platinum being the “one”
  • Iggy, Pol, and Avdol
  • Kakyoin’s HG’s lines being cut
  • Joseph and the projectile aimed toward his neck
  • Jotaro having a flurry of objects thrown at him
  • Jotaro’s finger twitching
  • DIO’s Stand is seen in a split-second frame after Star Platinum punches the screen

Anyway, let’s get through the first enemy of the renewed adventure.

The episode picks up immediately from the end that we saw last time with the SPW foundation arriving by helicopter to give some supplies to Joseph’s car. Their last “supply” is however, a Stand user who happens to be seated in the back. The crew peer into the window and sees a blanket covering something and Polnareff’s attitude gets him be the first one to be introduced to the 6th member of the team, Iggy. Apparently, Iggy captured by Avdol in NYC and was requested by Joseph to help them. Iggy has the Stand, The Fool, that manifests itself through sand and takes form of a hybrid between a car and some sort of feathered creature. Polnareff gets the worst end of the introduction as he gets some of his hair bitten off and his face farted on by the Boston Terrier. Iggy’s weakness is shown to be some coffee flavored gum which will come in handy in keeping him from going berserk. Up above on a hill, we meet N’Doul, the blind enemy Stand user who showcases his near supernatural senses in hearing.

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With the supplies delivered, the SPW agents inform Joseph of Holly’s worsening conditions and bids them luck on their journey. The crew get in the jeep and begin to drive. Moments later, they find the wreckage of the same helicopter and head out to investigate. At this point, Iggy disembarks the jeep. The crew investigates the crash and find the mangled body of one of the two SPW pilots. They find another still alive but extremely dehydrated and he mutters “water”. Joseph finds a nearby canteen to bring to the SPW pilot but the water itself then takes shape and rips off the pilot’s head and reenters the canteen.

JJBA Stardust Crusaders- Kakyoin's Eyes

The crew make for cover and sees that the helicopter was attacked by an enemy stand and Polnareff whispers to Kakyoin that he should attack it from a distance with Hierophant Green’s ability. Kakyoin doesn’t seem willing to do so but in the middle of the two’s conversation, the enemy stand materializes from the ground and slices Kakyoin’s eyes. As the stand prepares to strike again, an alarm from the dead pilot’s watch makes the water stand attack the watch and the crew make a break for the jeep. Polnareff carries the unconscious Kakyoin to safety and Joseph reels the two in with Hermit Purple. However, the water stand is able to damage the jeep enough to send it flying and the crew land separately and prompt each other to be silent as they figure out the water stand’s user is figuring out their location through sound. Avdol throws his ornamental rings onto the ground in front of him to lure out the Stand. N’Doul falls for the bait and his Stand and Avdol is able to evaporate some of the stand’s “body” but its incredible speed injures Avdol. N’Doul prepares to finish Avdol off but Jotaro then begins to run and N’Doul begins chasing after him.

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Jotaro is able to spot Iggy in his direction and picks the napping dog up and sees that Iggy had sensed N’Doul’s stand before they did and asks Iggy to “help” him find the enemy stand user. Jotaro stops and puts Iggy to the ground for him to figure out N’Doul’s location but the water stand closes in on them and Iggy calls out The Fool and flies away. Jotaro jumps and hangs on to The Fool and the two glide down the dunes while N’Doul tries to figure out where Jotaro went. The Fool’s glider begins to lose altitude and Jotaro has no choice but to kick the ground to gain some footing. Doing so however leaves them vulnerable to N’Doul but Jotaro sees no choice and kicks the ground with Star Platinum’s help. As The Fool continues to glide, Iggy has worn himself out and the glider begins to trickle down sand on Jotaro. With the tiniest bit of sound bouncing off Jotaro and down to the desert below, N’Doul picks up Jotaro’s location and altitude. Jotaro on the other hand finally gains vision of N’Doul sitting on top of a hill. However, as the water stand closes in, Iggy tries to make Jotaro fall off and the latter brings Iggy down with him and hurls him toward N’Doul. Iggy is forced to call out The Fool while N’Doul recalls his stand to protect himself. Iggy runs off and N’Doul prepares to gain info on Jotaro’s location, only for Jotaro to appear right behind him. N’Doul realizes this and the two have a “stare off” before both call their stands to attack. While N’Doul grazes Jotaro and makes his hat fly off, Star Platinum hits N’Doul square in the chest.

N’Doul admits defeat and orders his stand to pierce through his head so that Jotaro couldn’t interrogate him of his allies and DIO. N’Doul speaks of DIO and his utter devotion to such a powerful man and that while he does not fear death, he feared being seen as useless to DIO. Declaring that even those that are evil require a savior, N’Doul informs Jotaro of his stand named after the Egyptian God, Geb. He states that there are 8 more of the Egyptian God Stand users and perishes. Later on, Jotaro sticks N’Doul’s listening staff on his makeshift grave and walks away, pondering at how DIO has gained such loyal followers. Jotaro and Iggy have a brief “argument” but Iggy brings back Jotaro’s hat to the latter’s surprise. Jotaro sees that there is still some good in Iggy but rescinds his statement after seeing that his hat is filled with gum.

For the hell of it, here’s more stuff from the opening.

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