Music of the Week #172


Back on my feet

Earthbound 5

Bahamut is prepped for tomorrow and Twintails will be next. The new season is already underway and the hilariously enough, only Jojo will be ended up being covered seriously. Why the word “seriously”? Because Durarara is quite literally too smug for me (plus I hate Izaya and I forget what happened at the end of S1) and the rest of the season is all harems. Jojo will be covered through its entirety. The harems however are going to be talked about as well. Not in a regular, recap like sense however. Instead, I’ll be comparing the 4 harem series as a single entity and just talk about how silly they are.

But before that happens, I have to go finish Twintails and other matters before the next few weeks end. Until then, enjoy what’s coming.

This week, we dive into the more disturbing pieces of Earthbound, the final stretch of land before confronting the root of all evil. Here’s Cave of the Past or its alternate title, The Place.

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