Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 6- Set ups

An exposition episode while apparently we get ourselves a recap episode of all things next week. I personally see no point but oh well.

So technically, this is the halfway point -1 since Episode 7 is a recap and by that definition we finally get some things explained. At the very least, we got the good human side “allying” themselves with the crew. I pray for the best when the time comes.

So it turns out our crew did not peacefully ride into the sunset like I thought. The crew are chased by the dragon knights that the Orlean knights brought with them and they are quickly apprehended and are put into transport carriages. Jeanne is told that one of her lead compatriots have taken absence in order to “check something”. Azazel wallows in spite and vows to obtain the God Key and whilst traversing through Cocytus, he encounters fellow demon, Martinet. Martinent taunts Azazel pretty harshly and Azazel leaves the demon world to give another try at the God key.

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Our crew is brought to the royal capital of Anatae and are displayed in front of the king. Amira is identified as the one who stole the God Key yet everyone is perplexed at how demon trackers are not picking her up as a demon. Three angels enter the scene and using their powers, bring out the demon from the unconscious Amira to prove to the humans that she is without a doubt a demon. However, the angels realize that the God Key is fully within Amira and advise the humans to protect her from those who would seek the God Key. The King obliges but he is surprised when he is ordered to keep Favaro, Kaisar, and Rita alive in order to maintain Amira’s mental health.

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Amira flails around and is understandably angry at Favaro for their slight detour in the trip to Helheim and she is locked in her room to calm down a bit. A signal is blares across the city and demons approach the gates. However, our crew need not worry since the golems are available for usage outside the walls and Jeanne exhibits some extremely powerful abilities with her holy spear that rips apart demons the size of small mountains. That night in a banquet, Kaisar watches Rita leave while Favaro gets loud with some of the women. Amira is of course absent from the dinner party but is lured to the window by a cloaked figure and she follows him through the halls. Rita sees that Amira is missing and rushes to get the others. Favaro passes out drunk and Kaisar finds him near the balcony and contemplates on killing him right there. Favaro turns out not to be unconscious and goads Kaisar into attacking. However, the two find it fit to mess around like the old days and with with a fork and knife before Rita launches her arm and notify them that Amira is missing.

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The crew split up and Favaro wanders into a temple with a recognizable carving a beast that he remembers seeing in his dreams. Jeanne of all people answers his pondering with the answer: Bahamut and of the hero who will one day defeat it. Favaro complains that a simple lie brought him into this situation and that he’s not cut out for all the stuff going on. Jeanne disagrees however. She reminisces about her origin as a farm girl only to be thrust into the life of battle wherein she was the one chosen by the Gods. While Favaro states that his only aspirations are for material pleasures, Jeanne calmly replies by saying that Favaro met with Amira for a reason.

God Key + Demon Key = Total Fucking Disaster. Jeanne is completely overpowered and is a pretty cool person seeing as how nicely she answered Favaro after he states his goals. Some chaos is about to happen but it will be hard to wait for two weeks.

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