Music of the Week #162

Busy busy

Earthbound 1

Like I always say, things get busier between Tuesdays and Thursdays and me bothering to speak of this more or less tells you I’m delayed yet again. Chaika and Bahamut had very action-packed episodes this week and I am eager to talk about them once I get the time. Twintails has been delayed for 3 weeks and will end up getting a three-peat going on delays. Honestly, the only thing that makes me hesitant on Twintails in the first place is the amount of pictures I willingly get because that series all comes down to its pretty shots.

Anyways, work calls so I’ll see you all real soon because once Thursday is gone and over, I’m just waiting for the weekend at that point.

This week’s theme is Snowman, where we are introduced to the three party member of Ness’s party, Jeff. Our genius inventor however does not need saving and is the one that does it as Paula and Ness find themselves trapped and Jeff makes his way through the wilderness outside his prestigious academy, befriends a lake monster, and hitches a ride on his estranged father’s creation to help our duo.

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