Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 4- The Truth Revealed

The truth is finally out about of the purpose of the Chaika’s.

I’m glad we’re going the through the novels at a decent pace and I hope to see how exactly the finale holds. It’s only 4 weeks but things are heating up and we got at least one conspiracy out of the way. It’s cliffhanger after cliffhanger since last week.

Also for administrative things, SAO’s mini-arc ended and it was once again not in my tastes so let’s not waste both of our times here.

Anyways, Chaika time

Chaika and Frederika are separated on the island and the former gets taken away by the island’s “inhabitants”. Red Chaika’s crew reach the shore and climb up the cliffs to enter the forest while Toru and Akari spy on them and enter the forest as well. We learn that the island houses a large network of labs beneath the surface run by the scientist Gaz had requisitioned at the end of the war. The scientist, Viktor Izhmash has been creating some sort of device that appears to have a humanoid shape for the past few years but questions on why Gaz wanted her to be created. Toru and Akari decide to split up their search.

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Izhmash is informed that suspects have been seen entering the island but have somehow evaded capture. We’re introduced to another group of people known as the demi-humans, humanoids with animal features. Apparently, they aren’t well received in regular human society and Izhmash berates on in particular for calling off the search on their hunt. Another demi-human brings Chaika food and Chaika tries to ask some questions but cannot get any answers.

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Following through Izhmash’s orders, a search party leaves the labs and Toru is able to see the lab’s entry point and sneaks inside. Akari fends off against some Fayla and reunites with Frederika carrying Chaika’s coffin. Toru finds Chaika in her cell and the two escape but decide to find an alternate route as the main vein seem to be heavily used. They arrive at a subterranean lake and find numerous dead bodies of Fayla. The duo hear a voice and try to identify it. It turns out that a captive kraken is behind the voice. The Kraken are apparently intelligent Fayla comparable to the dragoon and it explains that the dead Fayla in the pool are experimentation rejects. This entire island was devoted to creating man-made Fayla and the likes of magic manipulation. The Kraken in question was captured and was experimented on. The beast also mentions Chaika and it reveals as that it had met another Chaika years ago. Chaika asks what exactly is she and the Kraken responds to say that the Chaika’s are merely tools of a much larger event that has yet to happen.

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The conversation is cut short when the demi-humans locate the duo and Toru tries to fend them off. The duo are eventually overwhelmed and are taken to Izhmash. Red Chaika reunites with the duo of Chaika and Toru in Izmash’s office and he is entertained at the idea of the Chaika’s. When his project also responds to the presence of the Chaika’s, he is even more overjoyed. Red Chaika gets angry and Izhmash decides to nail the coffin with the secrets of the girls named Chaika. During and after the devastating war, many children were orphaned. Researchers took young girls and experimented on them to create the “Chaika” with the artificial memory of the original daughter. Izhmash’s story devastates the two Chaika’s and Izhmash prepares to engage some experiments on them.

Stop giving me these goddamn cliffhangers BONES.

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