Shingeki no Bahamut: Genesis Episode 4- Giant Enemy Crab

An interesting turn of events.

SnB never fails to amuse to me every week and this week’s episode was no stranger to my expectations. Something about every fantasy series and having boat rides turn into shipwrecks. Then again, it wouldn’t be eventful to just have a peaceful boat ride.

I would go on but I’m really behind on this so let’s not waste anytime and get straight into it.

Favaro and Amira arrive in the city of Ysmenport and according to Bacchus’s claims, there is a boat that will take them to Helheim. While Amira ogles at the assortment of food, Favaro has little luck in finding a ship that will take them to Helheim. A man points them toward a rather creaky ship and Favaro has a stare-down with its rugged captain. Turns out that the captain, Amon was an acquaintance of  Favaro’s father and the two are relieved to see each other alive as they presumed the other was dead. Amon lets the two onboard and the boat journey begins.

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Amon questions why Favaro has taken up bounty hunting and not following in his father’s footsteps. Favaro’s father, Barossa was essentially the Robin Hood type of noble thief leader and Favaro admits that he wasn’t that sort of person fit for that. We switch parties and join Kaisar and Rita hot on Favaro’s tail. We get constant party shifting as Amon and Favaro remember their previous line of work while Kaisar explains to Rita why he’s chasing after Favaro. The two were childhood friends and while their social status were very different, they got along quite well. Kaisar found a real friend in Favaro and did not hesitate to share information about his family’s businesses. Upon hearing Kaisar’s father was to transport a tribute to the king, Favaro joined Barossa and Amon in attacking it. The contents of the tribute however had a jewel with an immensely powerful demon that wiped everyone out, including Barossa. Amon made it out but presumed Favaro to be dead. Finishing off, Amon promises he’ll get the duo to Helheim.

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While Favaro contemplates out in the open, Amira walks up and asks him on what a “father” is. The explanation gets cut short when the ship is besieged by an enormous crab. Chaos ensues onboard the ship Kaisar and Rita are on as they happen to be pirates that wanted to steal what Kaisar had. Kaisar holds his ground and the pirate captain makes a mistake on getting close to Rita and gets bitten. On the other end, Favaro is unable to damage the crab and Amira goes demon to one shot it. Amon is baffled to see Favaro being acquainted with and being a demon himself but Amon reveals that he is one as well. Amon summons a few merman looking creatures and subdues Favaro while keeping Amira at spear point. Amon happens to have double crossed everybody when he orchestrated the raid on Kaisar’s father and exchange for the lives he gave to the demon, he was able to become one with considerable magic power. Favaro gets irked learning that Amon of all people betrayed his father. The chaos only gets worse as Rita has now zombified everyone except Kaisar on they make for Amon’s ship.

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Favaro lets lose some smoke bombs and runs off with Amira to the top of the sails while Rita collides the two ships and lets loose the zombies on the merman. Kaisar chases down Favaro with Amon on his tail as well. Amon gets bested on the high ropes and falls to his death by the crab while Kaisar shows up on the sails. However, something from the sky aims some lightning at Amira and Kaisar tries to protect her. Both are then carried up while only Rita and Favaro remain.

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