Music of the Week #157

And Happy Birthday to us. This makes Year 4

Earthbound 10

I’ve got Blade Dance ready to go for tomorrow while Dandy is taking a bit for me to write. Picking Blade Dance apart is always fun while Dandy itself needs to be viewed and talked about in a different approach since it’s an episodic series, something I don’t normally get to talk about.

With those two done, only SAO remains to be complete its GGO arc while moving on to its next arc. The new season is rolling in and I’ll get to the shows eventually. Other than that, not much else going on for me other than me buying DMC4 again just to play around with Nero’s moveset

This week’s theme is the Sanctuary Guardians from Earthbound. One of the things Earthbound has other than the main quest are the Sanctuary spots for Ness to discover. It’s essentially optional but something that beneficial overall.