Music of the Week #159

This season is pretty great


So before I begin, here’s the release schedule for this season

  • Mondays: Bahamut
  • Tuesdays: Akatsuki no Yona
  • Wednesdays: Chaika
  • Thursdays: Twintails
  • Saturday: SAO and FSN

As one can plainly see, it’s a loaded season for me and my educational prospects are also naturally taking my time. I made a bad move and delivered Chaika’s Episode 1 on Monday when its Episode 2 came out today but sucks for me, I’ll have to talk about Episode 2 very soon. With those bullet points, you can expect Bahamut to go up tomorrow while the rest follow through til the weekend so I’ll have plenty to talk about and do.

Other than that, this season is looking pretty great.

The theme for this week is the theme of Twoson, or as it is called in-game as Boy Meets Girl. Twoson is where Ness meets his first permanent companion Paula. Other than the shadowy history behind the city’s conflict with the Happy Happy Cult, Twoson’s theme still rings nice in my ears as the pleasant town in every RPG.

Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 1- The Crew Returns

One of my favored party of adventurers are back and Toru already has two great reaction faces.

I lamented the fact that I missed out on covering Hitsugi no Chaika but now I can hopefully redeem myself by covering its second season. From what I’ve heard, the first season skipped over a couple points of details while also adding some original scenes to it. Thankfully the series is more focused on the adventure aspect that it didn’t make too big a difference in enjoying the series.

However the only concern for me here is that Chaika’s light novels are coming to an end in the next few volumes. The author/production company also stated that the anime ending will more or less be an original as well. I only hope for the best but they can only do so much to make me hate this series because I honestly can’t.

Enough about that, let’s get right into it.

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The Shortest Fall 2014 Coverage Preview

Just a quick post before the weekend ends to┬ádetail what I will most likely be talking about through the season. I will include both what I picked up and tried/dropped already and my reasoning behind it. This will be just a preview so don’t expect too many things to be written.

Chaika of course, will be covered.

These aren’t my recaps of them so expect an actual recap of what I will be watching to be either bundled or posted soon.

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Mini Sword Art Online II Episodes 13-14.5: Pointless Recaps

The Phantom Bullet (hah) is finally over.

So they wrap up the arc in an emotional way but then decide to spend the whole of episode 14 just recapping what happened. So delaying the episode recap from me basically becomes moot. So we might as well just talk about the 13th episode.

Let’s not waste anytime, let’s move on to shows I actually want to watch after this.

Expect a number of posts today since I really need to catch up.

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Space Dandy- That Dandiest of Them All

Saturdays won’t be quite the same without Viva Namida or X-Dimension.

When I heard that Shinichiro Watanabe was going to directing yet another series, I was surprised that it involve the space setting once again. I was expecting something around the lines of his usual works that combined a setting and a musical theme to provide a contrasting world but either way, I was happy he was back into the industry.

I was puzzled though. Space Dandy’s premise seemed like nothing to brag about. It just simply read “A Dandy in space”. With this in mind, I had no idea what to expect. Thankfully enough, I got more than I expected.

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Music of the Week #158

Really behind.

Earthbound 10

Had an assignment due today so I was busy writing that and that should explain to you where I’m at.

Dandy took an unexpectedly long time to write but that’s getting to you all first. I’m thinking of bundling SAO episodes since last episode was more drama and explanation than anything and apparently we’re going into a 3 episode mini-arc back in ALO. GREAT. In terms of Fall shows, I’ve watched around 1 episode of like 2 shows but I promise to get them to you through the weekend if I’m not too busy with friends. Expect them to be bundled up.

That’s mostly the stuff heading your way. On my end, I bought DMC4 again because I desperately needed to play with the Exceed system on Nero. So other than pressing L2 profusely, it’s legitimately more Galaxy Angel which reminds me I need to talk about MKnK when I have the chance. Maybe when the dust settles I will finish it since the bulk of it is more or less done. Also thinking of getting New Vegas for the PC since I’m stuck on it all day and the PS3 version lags hard. The addition of mods help a lot too.

This week’s track are the collection of My Sanctuary locations and tunes whenever Ness and crew reach Sanctuary for Ness to unlock his inner power later in the game. One might question this sort of side journey in the middle of the adventure but it becomes an essential in overcoming the final enemy. Enjoy



Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Review- Where’s the Blade Dance?

Torturing myself every season has its fun parts when I get to laugh with my friends on how bad these are.

Every season I need my dose of generally mediocre adaptation of a light novel series that more than often is a harem series. There was a joke going around that Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance would be the series that would kill and succeed the likes of Infinite Stratos and Date A Live. Now, the former can be outdone by nearly any sort of harem but some of you should know I hold DAL in some respectable regard. Seeing as though Blade Dance had 10+ volumes and how Light had been keeping up with it, I generally though it wouldn’t be bad.

I was sort of wrong.

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