Music of the Week #161

A bit delayed

Earthbound 2

The early parts of this week really did its number on me but I should be able to get some stuff out. In terms of administrative things: SAO’s Three Episode arc will be either skipped over or just not talked about at all depending on the final episode this week. Bahamut and Chaika will get their posts in this week and Twintails will get bundled and will just get really brief summaries since I’m not the best at covering comedies like those.

That being said, I’m really late so let’s just get on with this and prepare the next posts

The Runaway Five (or the Tonzabura Brothers) are the traveling group of musicians that Ness and co. meet a few times on their journey. Whether its getting them to another town, getting out of debt, the Runaway Five always puts on a funky tune before parting with our crew. Strangely enough, they have Five in their name, they actually have six members in total.