Music of the Week #160

We’re riding through the season

Earthbound 11

So Bahamut and Chaika are currently my favorites for the season while Twintails can only get more insane. If you didn’t hear, Yona will be reviewed at the end of the season or I will end up dropping it sometime in between. I’m all for Korea but I’m not the best with reverse harems. Same thing goes for FSN but I honestly doubt you need a review of that unless I do an objective look at the adaptation.

SAO on the other hand is getting annoying. I realized that the mediocre melodrama is actually required for me to stomach what’s going on. That means to say that when the series is just about the characters playing the game for fun, it’s pretty unwatchable for me. I didn’t like last week’s episode and I guess I can either bundle it up with this week’s or judge the entire arc in two weeks, we’ll see. Other than me questioning myself why I’m replaying Fallout New Vegas, that’s all for now folks.

Past the grove with UFO’s and walking trees, through the eerie town painted blue, we find Ness’s first companion trapped in a small building. Paula becomes the essential “mage” of the team. Ness’s adventure only gets livelier as his journey continues.