Ore, Twintail ni Narimasu Episode 1&2- Absolute Insanity

Stupidity done so right that it becomes amazing.

Like I always say, a seasonal harem is something that I choose to watch for mindless entertainment. Sometimes, the experience is good sometimes, not so much. I think whether or not the series taking itself too seriously is one of the major factors when it comes to enjoyment. Thankfully enough, Twintails here knows of its stupidity and puts it into overdrive.

It’s my guilty pleasure of the season and it doesn’t hold back.

I’m afraid this will be a short worded and awkwardly written post while having an overload of pictures so you have been warned.

Enter Mitsuka Souji and Tsube Aika, two highschoolers who are somehow put into a Super Sentai scenario when during their first day of school, are approached by a white-haired girl named Thourle (or just Twirl) who latches on to Souji as she is in need of him. Souji here is an absolute FANATIC to the twintail hairstyle, which may explain Aika’s hairstyle choice since she has obvious feelings for him. Either way, Aika does not approve of Twirl getting too close for understandable reasons but Twirl teleports them to the city to show what exactly she’s in need of help with.

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Twirl first brings the two to a victim of an attack and Souji recognizes that the victim is a girl from school who had the hairstyle he loves. Looking at her now, she doesn’t even remember having them. Souji is baffled and Twirl takes them to the city. Freaking aliens of all things are invading Earth but instead of conquering or doing anything normal an alien race would do on Earth, they instead are here to take away TWINTAILS, among other things. Twirl gives Souji a bracelt device and upon activating it, Souji turns into a little girl decked out with armor. Souji is taken aback by his drastic transformation but also takes a bit to appreciate his very own set of twintails. Souji makes an entrance on the invaders and introduces herself as Tail Red and begins to annihilate the aliens. The commander of this invading army is defeated but as a last request asks if he can feel Souji’s hair. While his request is denied, he dies happy seeing the magnificence of Souji’s female hair. The girls who were kidnapped are saved and the twintails are hilariously given back to those that had their hairstyle taken away. Among these girls is the Student council president Shindo Erina who thanks Souji for her rescue.

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All this insanity is given light when Twirl gives us much need explanations in episode 2. The alien forces are known as Ermerians who derive their powers based of “attributes”. These affinities are the main source of power and can be applied to anything imaginable. They go around the galaxy conquering planets and taking away the attributes that they desire and essentially remove the concept of the attribute they take away. Twirl happens to come from a planet that had their attribute taken from them and explains that attributes can be returned only within 24 hours of removal. Souji decides for the good of his fetish to continue his newfound job as a little girl-super sentai fighter. Twirl promises to assist and requests that she builds a proper headquarters to prepare for future threats. Aika has a problem with this but her argument becomes moot when Souji’s mother of all people overhears everything and allows Twirl to stay thanks to the former’s dream of being a hero when she was a child. She also appreciates Twirl’s attraction to her son, which to mother is always a plus.

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In god knows where, the Ermerians fawn over their most recent enemy and plan to launch another invasion force to meet with their adorable threat. Back in school, everyone seems to be unknowingly adoring Souji’s female form and the latter is extremely disturbed by this. To amplify the situation, Erina announces the entirety of her support and wealth to Tail Red and her exploits and the entire school cheers in unison. Souji is aghast to what has become of his life and peace does not follow as the Ermerians make a rather loud introduction to the entire world and announce their arrival. Souji is then immediately notified of another force of Ermerians at a nearby school. This Ermerian general has an attribute fetish for gym shorts but is promptly dealt with when Souji flies in. Souji’s relevance is once again increased when news reports pick up on this.

It’s a fanservice series catered to a fetish and it goes full on with it. It doesn’t try to accomplish itself as amazing but I appreciate the brutal honesty its conveying. The villains are hysterical in their main goals and the series itself establishes itself as a complete joke. Thankfully, the series is a pretty looking creation so I’ll definitely stick with the ride. Also props to Aika, she beats up Twirl instead of Souji.

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