Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 2- Two Parts Down

New developments and objectives are given out.

Before we give in, just a few administrative announcements. Akatsuki no Yona will be reviewed at the end of the season along with Fate. While my nationalism points me to cover it, I don’t trust reverse harem series since Arcana Famiglia. Then again, that was an adaptation.

Like I feared, it seems that our heroes’ journeys finally begins again at the end of this episode. This leaves us with only 8 more episodes to conclude the journey but at least they set up some exposition already for not 2 but 3 groups of characters. So let’s not waste anytime and get into this week’s Chaika.

The battle begins once more against the ex-hero Claudia and immediately, all the traps that Akari and Toru have planted are triggered. Ranging from explosives, wood spikes, and other tricks are uncovered and the trio are left to fight her on fair ground. The crew scrambles for cover under a barrage of quick-casted spells from Claudia and they go over a plan in which to take their approach.

Hitsugi no Chaika AB- Red Chaika

Somewhere else, we join Red Chaika and her merry crew of three capturing one of the retired 8 Heroes who seems to have abandoned society and decided to live out alone in the woods. He is quickly apprehended but he parts with his piece of Emperor Gaz and Red Chaika obtains the her first piece. On the road, they meet Guy who gives them information of the next hero, Clay Morgan. Guy points them toward a port city but also a suggestion to look for an island along the coast.

Hitsugi no Chaika AB- Vivi

As if getting in touch with Red Chaika’s team wasn’t enough, we take a look at the leaderless Gilette squad reinstated to continue their hunt of the groups of Chaika’s. Vivi is allowed to remain on the team and is given Gilette’s notebook and information on Emperor Gaz’s fortune.

Toru decides to act as bait and the team decides on attacking from multiple directions. Toru casts his Iron Blood transformation and closes the gap but gets caught in a rather painful binding spell. Chaika takes aim for a concussive spell and Frederika of all people decides to help out by distracting Claudia in her cat form. Chaika lands a hit and Claudia accepts her defeat.

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Claudia gives the piece with no hesitation but also reveals some information on Gaz’s fortune. A flashback shows the 8 Heroes corner one of Gaz’s men who told them that one of Gaz’s wizards was sent to an island with the large sum of Gaz’s remaining riches. The informant was executed and the information was taken but to this day, no one was able to find Gaz’s remaining fortune. Before the crew departs, Claudia gives them the names and assumed locations of her fellow heroes and sends them off with some food.

Hitsugi no Chaika AB- Chomp

Chaika has a nightmare or rather relives a past moment where she sees herself get decapitated by one of the heroes. Seeing as though she remembers it, it probably wasn’t a dream but an actual memory. She doubts her position as the real daughter but Toru and Akari assure her that they still have a job to do. Speaking of which, they hunt down the ex-hero nearby and learn that Red Chaika’s team had already moved past him. The crew gives chase but Chaika wishes to go to the coastal island to discover more of herself.

At least we got multiple groups converging into a bigger plot focus. I’ll await the next episode to give proper judgment since these were anime original.

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