Music of the Week #159

This season is pretty great


So before I begin, here’s the release schedule for this season

  • Mondays: Bahamut
  • Tuesdays: Akatsuki no Yona
  • Wednesdays: Chaika
  • Thursdays: Twintails
  • Saturday: SAO and FSN

As one can plainly see, it’s a loaded season for me and my educational prospects are also naturally taking my time. I made a bad move and delivered Chaika’s Episode 1 on Monday when its Episode 2 came out today but sucks for me, I’ll have to talk about Episode 2 very soon. With those bullet points, you can expect Bahamut to go up tomorrow while the rest follow through til the weekend so I’ll have plenty to talk about and do.

Other than that, this season is looking pretty great.

The theme for this week is the theme of Twoson, or as it is called in-game as Boy Meets Girl. Twoson is where Ness meets his first permanent companion Paula. Other than the shadowy history behind the city’s conflict with the Happy Happy Cult, Twoson’s theme still rings nice in my ears as the pleasant town in every RPG.