Hitsugi no Chaika: Avenging Battle Episode 1- The Crew Returns

One of my favored party of adventurers are back and Toru already has two great reaction faces.

I lamented the fact that I missed out on covering Hitsugi no Chaika but now I can hopefully redeem myself by covering its second season. From what I’ve heard, the first season skipped over a couple points of details while also adding some original scenes to it. Thankfully the series is more focused on the adventure aspect that it didn’t make too big a difference in enjoying the series.

However the only concern for me here is that Chaika’s light novels are coming to an end in the next few volumes. The author/production company also stated that the anime ending will more or less be an original as well. I only hope for the best but they can only do so much to make me hate this series because I honestly can’t.

Enough about that, let’s get right into it.

To start the season off, we head back into the past where we see Emperor Gaz in his throne room waiting for his impending doom by the hands of the 8 heroes. He instructs one of his scientists to carry out his grand plan in supreme secrecy and tells him that the preparations have been made in a lab far away from the capital. Of course, we all know what this plan was.

Hitsugi no Chaika AB- Emperor Gaz

We return to our usual team engaged in a separated fight. Chaika is in a firefight against another gun-mage while the Saboteur siblings are fighting ex-soldiers. We gather that the mage Chaika is fighting against is one of the 8 Heroes and her lackeys were ex-soldiers as well. While Toru and Akari are able to outperform the soldiers, Chaika finds herself beaten as her incantations take too long.

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It turns out however the hero, Claudia is not out for blood or extremely possessive of her piece of Gaz’s remains. In fact, she finds fighting the team as good sport and agrees to hand it over if they can defeat her in a set time limit. Instead of fading away like the other heroes have, Claudia put her skills to use and decided to buy and cultivate a winery. She hired the ex-soldiers as they had nothing to do after the war ended and her businesses has flourished since. Chaika works on hastening her spells and she gives a small lecture on how magic incantations work with her broken speech.

Hitsugi no Chaika AB- Vivi

On the other side of things, the now leaderless Gilette team are able to convince their superiors to continue their hunt and are also able to meet up with Vivi. The latter was separated from her group due to her condition and she encounters Guy and he relays to her the duty of all Chaika’s to gather the parts.

Other than giving us the rundown on where our heroes stand, that is where episode 1 ends. It was a nice place to start off but with only 9 more episodes to give us a conclusion, I’m somewhat worried that it left off at a cliffhanger and drag the anime-exclusive content to episode 2.

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