The Shortest Fall 2014 Coverage Preview

Just a quick post before the weekend ends to detail what I will most likely be talking about through the season. I will include both what I picked up and tried/dropped already and my reasoning behind it. This will be just a preview so don’t expect too many things to be written.

Chaika of course, will be covered.

These aren’t my recaps of them so expect an actual recap of what I will be watching to be either bundled or posted soon.

Grisaia (1-2): VN adaptations have a pretty terrible reputation and for a long VN like Grisaia to be adapted into 13 episodes is somewhat unthinkable. This is the rare case when I actually know the source material and that being said, I didn’t adore Grisaia as much as others do. Let’s just say Michiru’s insistence on being a tsundere really hit all the wrong buttons. They can justify that as much as they want, I can only go so far. Dropped

Amagi Brilliant Park (1-2): Props for naming characters off rappers, I got a laugh out of that. I don’t like Kyoto Animations direction in making every female character look the same. Sento Isuzu’s character would have been tolerable for me if they kept the original artstyle instead of the KyoAni face that they pull everywhere. The series is at the core, Rollercoaster Tycoon: The Animation but without the whole godlike building rides thing. Maybe it’s my vendetta against KyoAni character designs. Actually no, it definitely is. Dropped

Twintails (1): I honestly didn’t think I would actually laugh while watching this. Twintails as per its title does not hide its sheer stupidity and fetishism on the twintail hairstyle and for its honesty, I think I’ll stick with it. That’s ride, I decided to watch Twintails over Grisaia, get at me. Shamelessly Watching

Bahamut: Hard to believe this is based off a card game where the only significant reason I remember that fact being the load of pretty girls in the recent mobile game craze. I’m liking the setting so far and our flippant bounty hunter afro hero. I just hope it keeps up. Watching

FSN (0-1): Well no surprises there. There’s a bit more to this series than for me to type out so I’ll talk about it at the end of the season. Or not, I mean, people should know what happened with the plot if they actually read the VN’s. It’s more for the readers than for the newcomers. For a review at the end.

Atatsuki no Yona (1): I’ll give this a pass because where in the goddamn world will I ever see a Korean setting that is not in horribly drawn manhwa or actually nicely animated? Other than that, it ain’t a highschool and it’s an Asian-fantasy with some otome-game elements so while I’m not the most perfectly inclined, my Korean blood urges me to continue. Watching

So in short, here is our list for Fall 2014

  • Chaika
  • Twintail
  • Yona
  • Bahamut
  • FSN
  • SAO

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