Mini Sword Art Online II Episodes 13-14.5: Pointless Recaps

The Phantom Bullet (hah) is finally over.

So they wrap up the arc in an emotional way but then decide to spend the whole of episode 14 just recapping what happened. So delaying the episode recap from me basically becomes moot. So we might as well just talk about the 13th episode.

Let’s not waste anytime, let’s move on to shows I actually want to watch after this.

Expect a number of posts today since I really need to catch up.

So Kirito barges into Sinon’s house and he gets into a scrap with Shinkawa. The fight drags on until Sinon sees Kirito get injected with the syringe and she decides to take the nearest blunt object and bash him over the head. Congratulations, you have achieved victory against a murderer with no skill other than injecting fluids. But turns out Shinkawa fails at that because in Kirito’s hurry to rush to Sinon’s house, he forgot to take some of his heart-rate monitor plugs off and got all of the injection on that instead.

SAO II- Bullshit save

Shinkawa and his brother are arrested while another Death Gun conspirator is captured with them as well, totaling to 3 Death Guns. The entire situation is explained in a debriefing from our Agent-san and Sinon is brought in to to hear things out. The only significant development here is that Shinkawa’s brother telling Kirito that it is not over. So spooky.

The only real significant thing that happens in this episode is that Sinon is now able to hold a gun without freezing up and her past demons is silenced when Kirito and harem bring in the lady who Sinon essentially saved back then. She thanks her for her actions and credits that her daughter’s life was saved as well. Sinon understandably tears up in what is arguably SAO’s best scene so far.

SAO II- So kakkoi

That’s honestly it and we apparently got 3 side episodes while the next big arc will hit soon. I just pray it’s executed better.

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