Music of the Week #158

Really behind.

Earthbound 10

Had an assignment due today so I was busy writing that and that should explain to you where I’m at.

Dandy took an unexpectedly long time to write but that’s getting to you all first. I’m thinking of bundling SAO episodes since last episode was more drama and explanation than anything and apparently we’re going into a 3 episode mini-arc back in ALO. GREAT. In terms of Fall shows, I’ve watched around 1 episode of like 2 shows but I promise to get them to you through the weekend if I’m not too busy with friends. Expect them to be bundled up.

That’s mostly the stuff heading your way. On my end, I bought DMC4 again because I desperately needed to play with the Exceed system on Nero. So other than pressing L2 profusely, it’s legitimately more Galaxy Angel which reminds me I need to talk about MKnK when I have the chance. Maybe when the dust settles I will finish it since the bulk of it is more or less done. Also thinking of getting New Vegas for the PC since I’m stuck on it all day and the PS3 version lags hard. The addition of mods help a lot too.

This week’s track are the collection of My Sanctuary locations and tunes whenever Ness and crew reach Sanctuary for Ness to unlock his inner power later in the game. One might question this sort of side journey in the middle of the adventure but it becomes an essential in overcoming the final enemy. Enjoy