Music of the Week #155

The usual

Earthbound 6

Jojo is finished until next January and Dandy closes its long run soon as well. Blade Dance and SAO will soon reach a curious conclusion in a few more weeks as we enter the Fall Season. Summer was pretty boring in my opinion but it wasn’t the worst summer season thanks to Jojo and Dandy keeping it a visual fireworks show every week.

Work tends to pile up in number by the later half of the week but thankfully enough, this week and next following weeks are transition weeks for the new season so I should be able to keep up. We got SAO and Blade Dance prepared to go for tomorrow and Friday while SAO and Dandy once again come back up on the weekend. Other than that, not much else going on.

We continue with the Earthbound trek and this week’s theme is the Camera man theme. A mysterious man in a suit flies down from the sky and takes a picture of Ness and Co. in their adventures wherever location they might be. While it might be strange the first time around, the game then presents to you all the pictures that the camera man takes during your escapades at the credits scene. It’s those little things that make a game so memorable.

Space Dandy 2 Episode 11- Dimension Invaders

These episodes are just getting better and better.

I honestly didn’t expect things to turn out like this, and that’s pretty good. Dandy however seems to be getting a bit more “serious” like they promised back when the 1st season was airing. If you thought the first episode of the second season was the only mention of different dimensions, well, this episode’s got all the numerical interpretations of that concept.

Man, everybody is making Galaga references these days

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders- The Road to Egypt

Only half of the journey is over.

I was extremely biased towards Part 1 and 2’s adaptations that I really never gave any of them a full talk about them back then. Part 3 however is the most widespread part of the series and is also the most iconic so I figured I should give my two-cents on the adaptation. This post shall be a quick recap of the final episode and my thoughts on the adaptation so far and my expectations for the coming conclusion.

Side note: Dandy and SAO are up while Blade Dance will be a two parter.

The real ride begins January

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Space Dandy 2 Episode 10- Love Burns Scarlet

Dandy increases the significant female count and gives Scarlet her very episode.

All those times I wondered why exactly Scarlet and Honey showed up in the opening alongside the main crew in the montages. I mean yes, they are the most frequently reoccurring members of the cast but they never really got the spotlight other than to be at a certain location to bring in the certain kind of humor. In both of their cases, they got slight development in the Cloudian episode but Scarlet gets her time here.

So let’s get funky with it.

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Music of the Week #154


Earthbound 4

Work piles up for me near the end of the week so it gets a bit more hectic trying to get these in on time. Thankfully enough, I already got a few posts written out and just need to be finalized so if anything I’m usually kept up. The first half of Jojo Part 3 ends this week but I think Fall will be decent enough to get me through it. Other series like Dandy will reach its end as well and I’ll be sad to see it go. You can wait for the rest of my judgments when the season ends of course.

I’ve been playing Dark Crusade again for a while and I’ve had the worst habit of accidentally saving over my latest save files (this has happened twice) so I’m on an aggravated third playthrough of a race of my choice again. I hate repeating things so this is especially frustrating. On another note, I’ve been hunting episodes of Galaxy Angel but have found no luck other than the complete 1st season. The GA II posts will reach their conclusions from me too. It’s just that I want them to be nicely spaced out.

On a final note on what’s going on, I’ve ordered a figure and two artbooks coming my way so I’ve got some things to look forward too.

We’re still on the Earthbound train and this week’s theme is Onett’s theme, the iconic town where Ness hails from. There’s a lot of memory to be had with this theme.

Mini-Sword Art Online II Episode 10- The Final Fight better be worth it

I keep ending up renaming SAO II posts into the Mini category because of the talking instead of the action going on. Now while that isn’t necessarily a bad thing, it involves a character that’s getting himself better writing as the series goes along and a character who I objectively like but subjectively hate because I don’t like Miyuki Sawashiro’s voice being part of a harem.

That aside, these extended dialogues that are meant to have somewhat deeper meanings/feelings aren’t making too big of an impact on me and end up being a lot shorter than I would want them to be.

Oh well, like the title suggests, I really hope the last fight is something around the lines of the opening.

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Jojo’s Bizarre Adventure Part 3: Stardust Crusaders Episode 23- We All Live In A…

The last stretch before the horizon.

We’ve got a week before I’m left with no fabulous Jojo. While I know the break is well deserved, I can only imagine how well they will animate the superior leg of fights before we reach DIO’s mansion. To get there though, the Joestar will have to do one more crazy stunt with another set of transportation before reaching their destination.

Surprise surprise. While I don’t exactly remember Suzi getting that much showtime in the manga, she gets a hefty scene today.

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