Sword Art Online II Episode 12- I feel like the mechanics in the games are just made up as they go

That was a pretty pathetic fight.

So it’s obvious there are two Death Guns now and I assume this one is different or I’m just mistaking the voice. I have no idea if this is going go past 13+ episodes and get into the other arc. If that were the case, I’d guess I would see the other arc’s art instead of exclusively GGO stuff.

The only thing I have enjoyed so far from is the opening. Especially the fight but it looks like we only get a fight in the desert instead of in the cityscapes.

Kirito uses his radar to survey the area and it seems only 4 survivors are left but only two show up on the map, Kirito and a dude named Dark Wind. Kirito reports back to Sinon and she says that Dark Wind is another problem as he’s essentially the best player in the Japanese server. Kirito’s report however scares them as the players remaining numbers are iffy since it would mean Death Gun should have killed someone in the time the two were cuddling in the cave. This would mean Death Gun not only had an accomplice but more than two people would be involved in the killing sprees.

The plan of attack is to lure out Dark Wind and then also lure out Death Gun who will most likely show up during the scuffle to take them all out. Kirito acts as the front line fighter and spotter while Sinon sits back and hopefully aims well enough to end everything in at least two shots. After a bit of monologue and Kirito’s mental-god-inner-scanning abilities, both Dark Wind and Death Gun are brought up. Death Gun makes the attack first and Kirito charges toward him while Sinon drops Dark Wind in one hit.

Sinon fires the shot at Death Gun but he retaliates and shoots toward her as well. Sinon loses her scope (essentially making her useless) while Death Gun’s rifle is out. Kirito closes the gap but Death Gun then pulls out his own close combat blade. In the real world, Asuna shows up at Kirito’s hospital room and Yui puts on the livestream on the room’s T.V.

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