Seirei Tsukai no Blade Dance Episode 9&10- Rush Incoming

With only 2-3 episodes to go, I can only imagine how rush things will become.

While anime-only endings rarely happen from the shows I’ve at least seen, they’re probably going to go through with yet another arc during the titular Blade Dance event going on at the end. I haven’t read the light novels (nor do I feel like I should) so I wouldn’t know on how grand a scale on how they can try and cram it all in.

Mini’s are getting more frequent.

So other than more harem hijinks with the regular crew, we actually got another “training fight” that more or show us that Claire, Kamito, and Fianna make a pretty nice team. Then Rinslet finally decides to get over herself and join the team as well. Kamito gets a little closer to our ignored Ellis and more or less promises to spend some time together after their duties are over.

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We also get some light on Ellis’ sister, Velsaria who Kamito beat as Ren Ashdoll in the flashback scene we keep seeing. Apparently, she seems to be coming back to school to participate in the Blade dance after her sad defeat in the last one. Anyways, that’s legit it on all the happenings in Episode 9, thank goodness episode 10 has something.

Anyways, Ellis finally gets a good portion of screentime (and not getting wrecked) and proves herself to be not terrible person unlike Rinslet and Claire who have possessive issues to work out. Anyway, Ellis expresses her gratitude for Kamito’s help over the past few occasions and ends up repaying him with dinner. She later on requests that he joins the knight squad to bolster strength up until membership returns to full strength. Seeing as how he has been in her debt (I forget why), Kamito agrees. When Kamito returns to his room and tells what he’s been up to with Ellis, Claire freaks out and tells him to leave.

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Kamito ends up sleeping outside and joins Ellis in her duties and patrols the town on particular festival day before Blade Dance. In a meeting, Velsaria breaks in and more or less pulls an Itachi Uchiha on how Ellis was a mistake and she decides to rough up the knight squad and recruit the ones standing after her attack as members of her team.

During lunch, Kamito sees Scarlet and chases after her to reach Claire in the city and the same damn thing repeats itself.

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