Sword Art Online II Episode 11- Not Dessu Gan, Dessu GanS

The title from last week amplified. With all this explanation and dread about Death Gun, they better make that fight worth it.

The opening shows so much action yet but we barely get any for the past 2 weeks. I know that development is good but damn, maybe I somewhat enjoyed this when all this series was about was simple fighting.

Either way, no surprises on my end because I was spoiled a while back.

So instead of me describing every last detail and inference Kirito makes in the short period of time, let me just give you a list of what he masterfully concluded.

  • There are two Death Guns
  • The one in game makes the flashy shot with the pistol while the other kills the person in real life.
  • This is done when the in-game Death Gun looks over the shoulder of BoB entrants and sees their address with his stealth cloak.
  • To match the time with the deaths, ingame Death Gun’s signal he makes is a gesture to check his clock.

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With all of this given to us, Kirito remembers that Death Gun was aiming at Sinon in their previous meeting with him. He ponders over the idea that the real Death Gun is probably in her room ready to kill her as she dies in game. Kirito spends a bit calming her down.

On the other end, it turns out the Agent had an ALO account and is called in by Asuna and the Harem Crew to fully explain what Kirito is doing in GGO. His explanations are made short when Yui compiles all the murder data and he concludes with the cases being true. Even so, since Kirito has yet to tell anyone other than Sinon of his revelation, Agent here has no idea that Death Gun is a duo and are actual murderers. After everyone praises him for his selflessness for a bit, Agent tells Asuna where Kirito’s real body is and she leaves for him.

Back in the game and after god knows how many hours of cuddling, Kirito and Sinon finally decide to get back in the fight.

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